Story from Sarah Stottlemyer

April 18, 2012

My tires were ready for changing so I headed to Discount Tire! I was helped by a nice man named David (I think his name was David) and we headed outside so he could write down my mileage and see what kind of tires i would need. When we got to my car we had started a light conversation, and he asked me where I worked.

“I work at Red Rock” I said, not bothering to state my department or any other information a stranger may not be interested in hearing. He immediately got excited, I giggle with nervousness,  I had clearly sparked his interest, and was eager to know what had made him so excited. (is he going to ask me for a discount? I thought)

“Do you know the director of the spa there!?” he asked

“I do, I am actually a spa attendant at Red Rock!” I replied, not able to resist joining in on his excitement.

“Oh man!, what’s his name? Its on the tip of my tongue!”

“Well actually the director at the spa is a woman…”

“Oh, well who was the director before her? T.. T…”


“Yeah! Thats it!! How is he!? What an awesome guy! He told me to come the spa sometime but I never did.. Do you know where he is working now??.” His excitement would be noticeable from a mile away! He spoke about TC as if it were a friend that he longed to get back in touch with.

My face drained my stomach dropped and my brain struggled to comprehend the drastic change in events. My loss in excitement drew his attention and he stared into my eyes eager for an answer and clearly confused.

“He actually passed away not too long ago..” I squinted not sure what kind of reaction was awaiting me. He stepped back and lost all expression, He was experiencing the same phenomena I had experienced only seconds before. After about five seconds which seemed like a century he looked at me as if I was clearly mistaken..

“No… This guy was only mid 20’s..” His words covered with a heavy sadness.

I confirmed TC’s age and told him about the accident and weeks following.

“Awe man….” he said, “Yeah he came in here about a year ago, he was so nice and our conversations… well I don’t know! he just made me feel good! haha.”  The spark was back in his voice, but then he looked at me like I wouldn’t understand… But I had met TC and knew exactly what he was trying to say. He continued.. “Well a couple weeks later I was called into the office, and they told me that the CEO was flying down to meet me! TC had written a two page letter to corporate about the excellent service I had provided and  how helpful and friendly i was! It was really exciting!  haha!”

I told him that TC was actually the person who got me the job at Red Rock, and we talked for a little longer.  Then my tires were changed and i headed home. I felt strange having emotional experience with a complete stranger. But was also happy that i got to hear one of TC’s stories, first hand, from one of his many best friends.


Some more of Michael’s wonderful stories

April 24, 2008

Midnight breakfast

In conjunction with game night, often at midnight (i.e., at the stroke of Monday) participants would go out and have breakfast at Roberto’s or some place.  Due to my work (and related sleep) schedule I didn’t normally get to join them, save for one time when it happened to be Labor Day Eve.  We ended up going to a little cafe or restaurant inside the Suncoast casino on Rampart and had breakfast.  Nothing particularly important transpired as far as I am aware; nothing memorable save for the sheer fact that it happened.  But, as we see with this collection of stories, when a life is cut short every moment becomes precious in retrospect.

The night before

My mind keeps going back to that final night before the accident as it is indelibly imprinted .  After we’d finished our home-teaching (how wonderful to leave this world with one’s priesthood duty done!), TC and I returned to the Rogers homestead.  I’d left my car there, and intended to just get it and go back home.  For some reason I abandoned that intention, and am I ever glad I did.  With Cliff, Becky, Kelsey, and Mindy, I share the memory of that last congress.  We talked about relationships, and teased, and joked, and laughed, and made plans.  Save for a brief, whispered, and decidedly one-sided conversation in the hospital the next Saturday, that was the last time I saw him.  I’m so grateful it “ended” (for the present) on a high note.

Letter from Lisa Fotheringham

April 22, 2008

Cliff & Becky:

I have been following TC’s status since the morning after the accident. I was devastated to hear he passed away.

As you both are aware, I was not overly popular in church as an adolescent. But TC always made it a point to talk to me, and sometimes he was the only person to ask me to dance at those church dances, and would often apologize for his little brother and his friends. But TC never made me feel like he was “pitying” me; it was almost a protective kind of thing. He made everyone around him feel comfortable, and one of the only people in church who was consistently nice and never judged me. Such a naturally kind and genuine person.

TC had a positive effect and touched more lives than most people ever will, and he did it in a third of the time.

May your family enjoy celebrating his life, and know that’s how he would want it. He never let me sit around and feel sorry for myself, and trust me, I tried.

Lisa Fotheringham

Poem from Brooklynn Huntsman

April 22, 2008






















I hope you guys know how much I love TC and your family.  I hope this poem was ok.  I know it helped me put things into perspective a little more.  Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

-Brooklynn C. Huntsman

Karin Logan Story

April 22, 2008

I heard about TC’s death from my daughter Jessica who worked for him about 5 years ago at the Marriott.  She had always worked for her parents at Petland but decided she needed to get some work experience elsewhere at the age of 17.  She worked at the Marriott with TC as a life guard and a receptionist in the spa.  She said TC was the best boss! He told her he hired her because of her CTR ring. I had a nice chat with TC at Arzu’s beautiful baptism a few years ago.  He told me over an over again how wonderful he thought my daughter was and I was impressed with his upbeat and enthusiastic personality.  I also remember him telling me how proud he was of his brother Lincoln that he could serve a mission.   Jessica asked me if I would attend the funeral as she was in Provo taking her nursing finals at BYU. Jessica is currently working in a hospital and is one of those wonderful compassionate nurses  like those you have spoken of who cared for TC.   She told me to just google his name for
directions and sure enough I found this neat blog.  How awsome is it to hear your optimism even in the midst of a very difficult time.  I see where TC gets it.  I noticed that the church was just minutes from the Petland we just opened on Decatur and decided I would attend the funeral before I went to work.  How glad I am that I did.  What a spiritual feast it was!  Thank you for so lovingly sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation.   This will be a journal entry of mine to always remember. TC is a great missionary.  Jessi was hoping that I could meet you and tell you that she worked with him.  I didn’t think I would be able to with all the people that were there.  Yet on the way out to my car, there you were and I was glad I got to hug you and tell you.  Thank you for your wonderful example and for raising a great son.

Jordan McCormick Story

April 22, 2008

I remember what your dad talk about when TC went through his “you mormons” phase. So i ran into to TC my first night home from my mission at Josh’s house. He was excited to see me and pulled me aside. He said Ashley (they were still dating) was asking a lot of questions about the church and he didn’t know the answers to them, but he wanted to know. So through the next few weeks he would come over to my house when he got off work and we would go through the missionary discussions. Then he would go and talk to Ashley about what he learned. She would ask questions then he would come back to me and ask me more questions and I would give him more answers and back and forth till she was satisfied with what she learned. This would have been the summer before she was baptized. We went over stuff mostly like restoration of the gospel and priesthood, and also the plan of salvation in detail. The later we went over several times actually. Then it was that winter that she and I were at Tarin Haymore’s wedding reception in Utah that I took Ashley to temple square for her first time. She went home and told TC what she learned and he would call and ask more questions to give her more answers.

I had a lot of experiences with TC but for some obvious reason this one is the most memorable. I love and miss him, and this is one that will stick with me forever. Thank you for your wonderful strength and faith, and I will do my part to help further spread the gospel message that your family did such a beautiful job of sharing, that same message that TC is sharing at this moment.

Jordan McCormick

Stories from Sara Currence (Jochim)

April 17, 2008

I don’t know what to say about TC. Everyone that knows him knows what a blessing he has always been to everyone around him. It seems like we always realize too late how important someone is to us, but in these difficult days I choose joy and not regret or sorrow, because I know that is what TC would want for all of us. I will miss his smile, his sense of humor, and those famous hugs. Over the last few days when moments of despair begin to sink in, somehow a funny moment will come to mind and I can’t help but laugh. The night TC passed away I could not get the image out of my head of him in full makeup, a wig, and a cheerleading outfit from our senior assembly. It brought me joy in the lowest of moments and I can’t help but think TC somehow had a hand in this….in death, as in life, he still has the power to bring joy to those that love him.

TC and I have been friends since 7th grade. During that year we dated for a whole week, mostly because Brooklynn knew I had a crush on him and told me to ask him out, and I think told TC to say yes as well. Our relationship consisted of him walking me to class, daily hugs, and of course sitting at the same lunch table. It was obviously an intense love affair. Our relationship ended quickly as 7th grade relationships usually do. A week later we were at a party and one of our “friends” dared us to kiss, REALLY kiss, during a game of truth or dare. This embarrassing and awkward moment in history was both of our first kisses. It was horrible! Neither of us had any idea what we were doing and of course no one wants their first kiss to be a dare. Over the years we have shared many laughs about the horror of that moment.

I want to thank my friend TC for all the comfort, laughter, and fun he has given me over all these years. I cannot imagine a world without him in it, but I know that there is a purpose for everything. In my short life I have learned that when people die they do not truly leave us, but somehow become part of us in a way the living cannot do. It is the power of our memories and love for them that keeps them here with us, and within us, far after they are gone.

Attached to Flowers from Jordan Stephens

April 17, 2008

Rogers Family,

My deepest sorrow and sympathy goes out to you. This past two week, to the day, I guess you could say I was in a state of denial, knowing that TC would pull out of this. But our Heavenly Father had other plans for our friend! I really would just like to share a few thoughts. TC was my Home Teacher and I had the privilege of one of his visits the Sunday before we went long boarding. He read me an article out of the Jesus Christ Ensign, and it quoted out of the article this ” regardless of what the future holds, there stand the Redeemer of the World. The son of God, certain as the anchor of out immortal lives. He is the rock of out salvation, our strength, our comfort, and the very focus of our faith.”

TC and Lincoln are both responsible for me coming back to the church. TC just wouldn’t leave me alone! He was always so friendly to me and was always concerned with my well being. Thank you so much for bringing such a choice son of our Heavenly Father into this world. Our loss in this world is Heavens gain. We will see him again! If you need anything don’t hesitate to call.

Jordan Stephens

Allison Wilson Story

April 17, 2008

Over the past week I have been trying to gather all my thoughts and emotions about my friendship with TC. We worked together at the JW Marriott and have been friends for the past five years. TC was one of the kindest people I have ever known. He was the type of person that could always bring a smile to your face. He had a way about him that could light up a room. His laugh was contagious and I remember countless times of just laughing together. One of my favorite memories with TC was the day he taught me how to drive. We started out slowly by driving around a few neighborhoods but soon TC insisted we go out on to the real streets. This was the first time I had ever driven with other cars and was quite hesitant, but TC insisted. TC was coaching me the whole time, telling me that I was doing great, which made my nerves seem to disappear. TC then decided we should practice parking. We drove to the church parking lot and TC placed orange cones(that we had gathered from near by construction sites) around the spot and made me pull forward and backwards numerous times. I finally got the hang of it, but only after practically destroying all off the orange cones. Each time I hit one TC just laughed and made me do it again. It was getting dark and we decided to call it a day. We stopped to get a bite to eat before going home and talked about how well I had learned just in those few hours. When we were finished eating, TC asked if I wanted to drive home. I said sure, assuming we didn’t have that far to go. Little did I know, that TC had planned for us to take the long way home, which included the 215! It was dark and packed with cars. I remember TC telling me to “Speed it up Allison” over and over again because I was only going 40 miles an hour and was being passed by almost everyone. Needless to say we made it home safe. The day I got my license, the first person I wanted to tell was TC. I remember the excitement and smile on his face when I told him. He told me how proud of me was and gave me the biggest hug. For years after this we joked about those poor orange cones. The last time I spoke to TC was about three weeks before his accident. We were just chatting and catching up, when again he told me how proud of me he was on everything I have accomplished. These words meant a lot to me each time TC ever told me, but they seem to hold much more significance now. TC was someone who accomplished so much in life and to have someone like him be proud of me is something I will cherish forever. Please know that your family has been in my thoughts and prayers each day and I wish you comfort during this difficult time. TC will be greatly missed.

–Allison Wilson–

Kala Rehm Memories

April 17, 2008

I was T.C.’s counselor at Cimarron.

I cannot tell you how horrified and sorry I am about him. I adored him. He had strong intelligence and a quality of both being young and mischevious and then totally self-aware. He once begged to be able to get out of a class and when I had to tell him the procedures and he kept trying to avoid what had to be done, he suddenly knew how he sounded and the whole situation and made a joke out of it. He just had this great humor with the impish smile to match. I loved hearing his anecdotes–often embellished, but always humorous. . He had names for various people (even me I fear) and even certain cars. T.C. talked about his future and his plans for getting there. He was very self-motivated. He was just what you would want your child to be–a really great kid.

More Pics from Clayton Hurst

April 17, 2008

The Tobler Family Story

April 17, 2008

Our Family has been so blessed to have known your son, and we are so thankful for the close friendship that our son Brandon and TC shared. They met as freshmen at Cimmarron and Brandon tells me they were the first of their group of buddies to get their drivers license and a car, this apparently making them very popular. Since that year Brandon and TC remained close friends.
Rick and I have so many great memories of Brandon, TC and their friends. From prom night pictures in their limos, to Basket Ball games, to Graduation and Weddings. There is nothing but smiles and joy that overcome us when we think about the good times these guys have shared, and that we got to witness their unique bond in friendship when they were all together. Brandon and TC I know shared many good times together, one I know of most recent. Two months ago Brandon and TC went up to Panguitch Lake in Utah to do some ice fishing, and low and behold they got caught up in a snow storm nearly almost getting them snowed in in their truck. Brandon laughs at that trip now, but he said they weren’t laughing at that moment, they were a little nervous. I’m not sure how the fishing went I think they caught a few, but I know the trip made for a priceless memory for both of them.
TC had a beautiful spirit about him when he stopped by the house with Brandon I always remember how much of a delight it was to speak to him he was so friendly and easy to talk with I use to think when they left that I was so proud of them both because they were such good hearted boys and it made me very happy that they were buddies . TC will be greatly missed. Please know we are holding your family in our thoughts and prayers each day and night, and if there is anything we can do please call upon us. May the Lord Bless your family, and comfort you through this difficult time.

Pictures from Kathryn Scarlett

April 17, 2008

KT and Will Scarlett Story

April 16, 2008

I am a few years younger than TC and grew up with Lincoln and Kelsey. I remember many years ago we were over at the Roger’s house and we were getting ready to go to a church dance. Well, TC wasn’t home and Lincoln wanted to look really cute for the dance, so he went and picked out an outfit from TC’s closet. TC got home before we had left for the dance and found Lincoln wearing all his clothes, he wasn’t too happy about this and started chasing Lincoln around the house! I don’t even remember what ended up ha[ppening, if he let him wear the clothes or even ever caught Lincoln, but I was so scared of TC from this point on…. that is until about 2 years ago. My aunt had gone to the JW Marriott for a relaxing day at the spa, and called and invited my mom and I down for lunch for my birthday. I invited Will, my then boyfriend, to join us. While there TC, came out to check on us and see if we had everything we needed. He showed us arou nd and was very kind. I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t even part of his job, but he wanted to make sure that we were enjoying ourselves. While talking to us, he introduced himself to Will, and offered him a job. Will quit his job at Tommy Hilfiger and has been at the Marriott ever since. Will loved working with TC, maybe because he’s the only person who is as much of a perfectionist about things as Will is. From being all stocked with fruit and juices, to folding towels the right way, and my favorite rule that the Marriott had while TC was there was that the male workers always had to be clean shaven…. I wish they would bring back that rule! needless to say over the past few years my persective of scary TC has changed to kind, loving, generous, compassionate, fun loving (and the list could go on and on) TC. We are co lucky to have gotten to know him over the past few years. We love him and will miss him!

— KT and Will Scarlett

Bishop Todd Leany Story

April 16, 2008

Although I’ve only known TC for about 6 months since I became the bishop of the Centennial Hills ward I feel like I’ve made a true friend. The whole family has had a profound impact on me, but since this is the TC blog I won’t brag about the rest of the family at this time.

In the brief time that I’ve known TC I’ve had the opportunity to serve in the gospel side by side with him, go road biking, see him go out of his way to try to fix my plumbing, help plan my daughther Morgan’s surprise 16th birthday party, help Morgan with her campaign for Junior class secretary and play practical jokes on me. What a fantastic spirit!

I won’t forget the day that Jordan Stephen’s truck was stolen from the church parking lot only to show up abandoned in the desert later that night. Low and behold the very next night at Family Home Evening as I was leaving the church MY truck was missing. Obviously it had been stolen! But no, funny man TC had moved it to the other side of the church. He got me good!

As TC’s bishop, I had the opportunity to have heart to heart talks on a more personal basis than most and I can tell you that he is one of the most sincere and Christlike people on this planet. He excels at serving others to a degree that I can only aspire to. He is a great example of how we should all be. The outpouring of love as shown by the many people at the hospital, on this blog, participating in two fasts and even a fundraiser are a testimony to the impact he has had on all those around him. I really love TC.

As I read the scriptures the other night I ran across the following verse and I couldn’t help but think of the Rogers family: Psalms 27:14 “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” May the Lord bless you! Bishop Todd Leany

Mitchell Reber Story

April 16, 2008

As a younger and very sensitive kid i would get teased or left out sometimes by my older cousins. With TC I don’t ever recall anything like that at all. He was one of my favorite cousins and treated me usually as an equal or at the least kindly. I have a very large amount of respect for him and keep him in my heart and prayers.

When I was about 8 years old TC, Matt, myself and some other cousins snuck out one night to go to the park. Anytime a car would drive by we would dramatically run for cover so as to not get caught. We made it to the Santa Clara park, ( a whole to blocks away ), and someone came up with the brilliant idea to burn ourselves with a punk in the same spot on by our wrist bone. ( For those of you who don’t know what a punk is it’s basically and incense stick with no smell used to light off fireworks. )

And though it was silly and stupid it felt good for me being apart of my older “cool” cousins group 🙂

Dena James Story

April 16, 2008

I met T.C. in the Centennial Hills Singles Ward. When I was called to work in the Smart Night stake tutoring program, I asked for volunteers to help tutor high school students. T.C. generously donated his time to tutor math- the subject in highest demand. He blessed the lives of many high school students who understood assignments, raised their grades and passed the proficiency exams as a result of his efforts. And because high school students always associate doing well at school with a lack of social skills, he also helped the students to see that they could be good at math and hip at the same time. We are so grateful for T.C’s service.


Dena James

Michael Thomas Story

April 16, 2008

You may or may not remember me, but me and TC both went to Ruthe Deskin. I would see TC here and there through the years, keeping up with close friends here and there; knowing of his changes in life and again never really talking to him but knowing enough to know what he was about and doing. Fast forward to UNLV, I would see TC more and in passing we would chat about this and that about being in college and a lil about how life was so crazy at times and the random things it teaches us.
Then a week before his accident we randomly saw each other at Einstein’s bagel before he was going into work and we talked for a minute as I was congratulating him for what he had become at his job and he congratulating me for graduating in about a month. As I was informed of his accident my immediate thoughts were of those moments I shared with him, and since then in pondering I have learned a great deal.

So as not to make this an epic email of my life, I just relay the following. I have become really good friends with Jenn Bianchi this semester and in so doing hear constantly of TC, a double bonus I would say. I have seen the difference one life can make for the life and future lives of another. This has led me too look at my own life at what I do and dont do that would help influence lives; as I too have been struggling with the wiles of mortality. It has been a very interesting two weeks for me and keeping up with TC’s condition has been a reminder to these thoughts of my journey in life.

This weekend I was asked to sing for a fireside being held for some singles ward. The song I was asked to sing is from an EFY CD (which by the way on a random side note I was Kelsey’s EFY counselor a couple years back too!) which was entitled ,”Because”. As I reviewed the words I came upon some lines that made me think more into the song that I had before. The words, “I breathe, I see, I hope, I love, I live” reached my heart in a way that they hadn’t before; my thoughts went to TC and his condition and how over the past two weeks he has had so much influence on people’s lives, even as he lay motionless on a bed. I thought of how he didn’t serve a mission, yet even still had become something more than what most missionaries come home as. He came to understand what he was about and how his life could be in the service of the Master, and that because of HIM, the Almighty, TC’s breaths, his vision, his hopes and his love through his life service was for and because of Jesus Christ and a loving Heavenly Father who has seen fit to transfer TC in his current time of mortality to aid HIM on the other side.

The most interesting thing happened too as I was reviewing the song even today. I felt like I would sing the song for TC and that though he was unable to that it would be a fitting tribute to him and what he was about. Little would I know that literally as I was singing the song that he would pass on to the other side.
It’s a tender mercy. I couldn’t believe it, but at the same time I really could. I was left pondering the Omnipotent God who interconnects people and moments to show forth his design and understanding. Something so little had become such a tender moment of mercy to me. In this cause I have realized some immediate changes that need to take place in my life to be the man that God would have me be, to be a man like TC.

I wish I could convey the thoughts and feelings of my heart more fully, but I cant. Yet, it is sufficient to thank you for raising such a man that has forever changed the lives of those around him, whether directly or indirectly. He will clearly be missed, but the legacy of his life will remain in my heart and I know in the hearts of others, and until I can tell him myself someday……I thank you; and pray for God’s love and understanding to be with you and those mourning at this time. A song that comes to mind and gives peace to my soul is “Amazing Grace” (My Chains Are Gone) by Chris Tomlin; which I have had on repeat since I began writing.

Go Rebels!!!

Michael Thomas

More Memories from Michael Christenson

April 16, 2008

The drive-by gourding

One thing that stands out in my mind is Thanksgiving. TC and Kels invited me to come with you all to St. George and partake of your feast. That is a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life, as it was the closest one might come to being with my own family. You guys are so much fun! I remember on the way back, TC had picked up an old pumpkin from your aunt’s house, left over from Halloween I guess, and as we drove from your aunt’s back to Grandpa Laidlaw’s house he looked for things to throw it at, and eventually found a suitable target in a “road work ahead” sign sitting on the side of the road. Since TC was driving, your dad took the shot out of the passenger window. Direct hit, and the sign was out for the count.
Game night

Early in my sojourn in Vegas, I kept hearing about and being invited to game nights at TC’s, but never got around to it. Finally I was assigned to be his home teacher, and as my first act in that assignment, TC asked me to come dedicate the house he had so laboriously renovated. What a privilege! Kind of funny, though, I had envisioned a more intimate setting, just me and TC and the other residents of the home. However, by the time came for the dedication, there were at least a dozen and a half people there socializing, eating burgers and hot dogs from TC’s grill, waiting for game night to kick off! But the dedication went well, and TC was appreciative. His house was a nexus of the ward, a major social hub, a place of relaxation and entertainment for all who entered. Friends were always welcome, so much that they never needed to knock.

Popping ofv

The origin and precise meaning still escape me, but “pop ofv” (as he insisted it was spelled) was TC’s favorite phrase. I took it to mean any action that advanced a relationship. Whenever we’d talk about girls he’d ask if I’d popped ofv on her, or when I was going to pop ofv. And when something I considered a marginal pop-ofv finally happened, I was so excited to send him a text informing him of the fact. So here’s looking forward to many more poppings-ofv in our futures!

Picture from Brooke Harless

April 16, 2008

I just wanted to send my condolences for your loss. TC was a great friend of mine and I will truly miss him. I have many many stories to share but I have not exactly figured out how to say them because no matter what I say it will only brush the surface of Tc’s heart, mind, and spirit. I wanted to send you a picture of Tc’s work family. We LOVE him very much and his knowledge and professionalism will carry on in all of us. I can not wait to meet the wonderful parents that raised such an amazing young man.

My best wishes and love,
Brooke or (Brookey, as “Tea Sea” would call me)

Jeanne Sadleir Story and Photos

April 16, 2008

A little over a week ago my mom told me what happened to TC and sent me the link to the blog. Since then, my mind has been drifting back to high school days and memories of him. To start off, my mom still teases me that I was the first one in the family to break the rule of having a member of the opposite sex in my room. Yes, I guess I am one of the troublemakers in my family and yes, TC was the boy in my room. He, Lisa and I were just talking and I’m sure we were just trying to stay away from my little sisters who would obsessively flirt with him all the time.
Most of my memories of TC deal with hanging out at school or at our other friends’ homes or at my house, playing 007 with my brothers or swimming in the pool in our backyard. We were constantly getting into trouble with our sport’s coaches because he, Jared Loomis and I were never on time for practice since we were off doing our own thing. I still wear the CMHS 1997 Soccer shirt proudly.
I have to admit that I don’t recognize the older TC very well. When we were close friends, TC was a smaller guy and would try everything to gain weight. He would always ask for extra mayo and barbeque sauce when we would eat out. One time we were coming back to school from Wendy’s and TC was driving. He asked for a drink of my soda and specifically asked if it was caffeinated. I said no, he took a drink and suddenly freaked out because it did have caffeine and he claimed we almost hit the car in front of us. I really don’t remember how close we were, but I was in trouble with that joke for quite a while.
No matter where we were or what we were doing, we were always having a good time. TC brought excitement to any room. I know I was a typical teenage girl and brought my share of drama along, but TC was always a good friend. Looking back, TC (Taylor Clifford) was one of my first true guy friends. I really appreciate everything I learned from him. He will be truly missed, until we all meet again.

Jennifer Bianchi Pictures

April 16, 2008

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Pictures from Clayton Hurst

April 16, 2008

Ky (Martinez) Bryan Story and Picture

April 16, 2008

There are so many good things I could say about TC.I met TC my freshman year in High School. He was such a positive person who made everyone laugh. One of my favorite memories of TC was our Sadie Hawkins dance our Senior year. We had such a blast. The last Time I spoke to TC was the Sunday before his accident at church. TC and I were laughing and remember all the good times we had together. Even giggling how we had received biggest flirt for our Senior personalities.

I really feel blessed to have been able to share that time with TC that day. I will cherish that moment forever and remember him always. TC I wish you the best on your new calling. I know you will be an incredible Missionary. Until we meet again!

Ky (Martinez) Bryan

Pictures from Sarah Stottlemyer

April 16, 2008

Tommy “Coach” Porrello Story (Thoughts)

April 16, 2008

My name is Tommy Porrello and I am a teacher and coach. I first met “little” T.C. when he was a freshman at Cimarron Memorial and he was a member of our JV soccer team and a student in my honors Algebra class. I was drawn to him partially because I could identify with his small stature and like many others I was engaged by his huge and dynamic personality. It was with great pleasure that I got the chance to watch him develop into “big” T.C. throughout high school and “Adult” T.C. after. He truly was the type of person that you always felt better after having spent time with him. I am so happy that my family and I had that chance to get to know him and the rest of the Rogers family.

Speaking of family, I would like to share something with Lincoln and Kelsey. I feel fortunate to have taught both of you as students when you were at Centennial. It was a pleasure to get to know each of you and I made a conscious effort to get to know each of you individually and develop our own relationship and friendship. However, I always felt guilty that no matter how hard I tried, when I looked at your faces I couldn’t help but vividly see a joyous image of T.C. within you. As things have developed, I now realize that this is not something to feel guilty about, but a gift to accept and cherish. You are great people and wonderful siblings. T.C. will live forever through you.

Allan, Cliff and Becky thank you for allowing me and so many others into your family over the years and especially during these past few weeks. Thank you for the great example of inner strength and God Bless you.

Jenn Bianchi’s Story

April 16, 2008

I have been procrastinating writing down a little story or memory for about a week now, not sure why, but just kept putting it off. I think it’s because I wanted to keep believing that it would not have gotten to this point. But I guess now is as good as ever. Here is a little something I wanted to add…

I met TC for the first time back in December of 2005. He was interviewing me to work at the JW Marriott. From that very instant I knew he was different. I was not sure what it was about him, but he just wasn’t like normal people, he was special. Now that I look back on it, I can pin-point what it was, he was sincere. Within the first few weeks of working with him I discovered that he grew up with a very close friend of mine, Lacee (Campbell) Jenkins! What a small world. As the weeks progressed we started developing a friendship and I learned that he was Mormon. Weird I thought, but I guess it explained why he was so nice to everyone. From the very first conversation about him being Mormon, his missionary work with me started! He was determined to get me to come to church with him. I remember every week him coming in and asking me what I did that weekend. I would tell him my crazy story and then he would tell me his story; and his was always better.

Thirteen months after knowing this great young man and developing a friendship, I agreed to go to sit down and meet with the missionaries. I remember sitting at his house, in the front room, sweating my butt off because I was so nervous! I even told TC that no one else was allowed to be there but me, him, and the missionaries. I saw a different side of TC that night; I knew that he loved and believed this gospel with all his heart. I was hooked! TC’s love for the gospel was contagious and I could not wait until I would get to sit down and talk with him about all the things I was learning. There was one day when we were at work at the Red Rock Spa and I went into his office on my lunch break and had those little workbooks that the missionaries would give me to help me learn. I was having trouble understanding something so I went to ask him to explain it to me. TC would always have me read him what I wrote for the answers to the questions and push me to learn more and really made sure that I had the right facts. He would sacrifice work, family dinners, dates, dates, and more dates just to be there with me at every single one of my discussions!

On April 14, 2007, four months after the discussions started, Taylor Clifford Rogers baptized me. This was the greatest day of my life! He was there for me throughout the entire way. I loved being over at his house because the Spirit was so strong, I felt safe there. That is what I am going to miss them most I think, knowing that I can go to TC wherever I am and know without a doubt that I would feel the Spirit and feel safe.

TC dedicated his life to service. He was always the first person to be there with his truck ready to help someone move, the first person there to put in a backyard, the first person to fix a leaky sink, and the first person I would call if I just needed to talk.

Earlier on the day of the accident I was on the phone with TC and we had set up a missionary discussion with a friend for Tuesday afternoon. We had to do the afternoon because he was going to have a really busy day at work and would only be able to get away for a few hours during lunch. Tuesday morning came and I had to call my friend and tell her that TC was not going to be able to make it, that he had been hurt the night before. She was quick to say let’s just reschedule it for next week when TC can be there. I told her no, it was ok, we would just do it without him, and that he would want us to do it without him! I know in my heart that that is what TC wanted, the work needs to be done!

TC’s had an upbeat, positive attitude about everything. He was always happy, cracking jokes, and making people smile. That’s just what he did. He made it a point to do his best and remember everyone name and be at all the activities, even the ones he said he was not too excited about. There are so many qualities about TC that are just amazing! It’s like when you are making that super long list of all the things you would want in a future husband that you know no one is going to be able have – he did! He was all of them. I would always tell people that he was going to make the best husband and dad ever!

TC was put here on this earth for a very special reason, and he was taken from us for an even more special reason. TC has more important things to take care of and I respect him for fulfilling his duties. He is going to be a great missionary! I am happy that he finally got his call to serve. I am going to miss him tremendously, but love him and know that I will see him again!

Dora Terry Stories

April 16, 2008

As the past two weeks have gone by, I have thought of T.C. so much. I am proud to be able to say that I am his aunt. During the years that our kids were young, Curtis and Cliff spent most of their time helping build each other’s houses. Our two families spent quite a bit of time with each other. I am so glad that our children were able to grow up together and to create those “cousin memories” that I never had as I lived away from my cousins most of my life. Allan and T.C. were so nice to always play with their girl cousins, probably back in those days when boys didn’t like girls very much. The desert was their stomping ground and I’m sure they managed to find all kinds of trouble together that we parents still don’t know about.

I have a couple of specific stories about T.C. that I would like to share. The first took place one year on Christmas Eve not too many years ago. The Rogers family has a tradition of getting together Christmas Eve and having a big party. This particular year, the party was at Paul and Mindie’s house. Mindie had some chimes and had different people come up and play songs with them. T.C. was one of the musicians. He held the chime and mallet in his hand, waiting for his turn to hit his note. As he messed up, the word “S**T” popped out of his mouth! T.C. was mortified and looked like he wanted to sink into the floor. There was silence for about half a second and then the entire Rogers family burst out laughing and teasing T.C. The moment passed and a happy memory was created.

The second story happened after my sister Jennifer came to town a few years ago for a visit. The family had all gotten together so that everyone could visit with her at the same time. T.C. was there and spent time visiting with everyone. He was talking to Jennifer about his job. At this time he was working at the Marriott. Jennifer jokingly mentioned that it would be nice to be able to get a room there. Immediately, T.C. told her he would be able to do that for her.

Before we knew it, T.C. had arranged the room at a discounted price and Jennifer was back in town ready for a fun weekend. I decided to spend time with her at the hotel. We checked in and were given the key to a beautiful room with a nice view of the city. It was the nicest room either of us had ever stayed in before. We met up with T.C. later that night and he told us he was disappointed that he had missed our check in because he would have upgraded us to a better room. A better room? I can only imagine what that would have been like, because the one we had was fantastic.

We were able to spend some time with T.C. that weekend. He took us to Starbucks and introduced me to Caramel Apple Cider which I love to this day. As we walked through the hotel with T.C., other employees stopped to say hello to T.C. I could tell that he was respected and loved by everyone. He took us to the spa and told the people there that we could use the facilities for as long as we wanted to as his guests. Everything was just perfect. The day after T.C. passed away I went to Starbucks and had a Caramel Apple Cider in memory of T.C. When I talked to Jennifer that same day, she told me she had done the same thing in Salt Lake.

I will always miss T.C.’s smiling face and strong hugs. When I get sad, I think about the fun times we had with T.C. and also about how lucky he is. He has passed his test and has moved on to a better place. I am envious of his reunion with my parents. We miss you T.C., and can’t wait to see you again.


Aunt Dora

Tyler Olsen Story

April 15, 2008

I’ve had the opportunity to come in contact with various members of the Rogers household through the Centenial Hills YSA ward.  When I first came to the ward TC was the first person to introduce himself to me. I thought at that time, how is it that somebody that could have so many reasons to be so arrogant could be so humble and real to life. I immediatly felt like I had a new friend in the ward and we spoke various times about some of his future goals of investing and realestate.T.C. had this way to make everyone feel like they were his best friend, and that I admire.  I will always remember the day before his accident I ran into TC at church, he stopped and took a second just to ask me how I was and that he had noticed I had been away recently. This wasnt anything unusual, this is just the way that TC was while here on earth. I know the Lord let T.C. be here as an example of how I should be and treat others. He will make a wonderful missionary and I look forward to meeting him again in the eternities.

Dominic Anderson Story

April 15, 2008

My memories of TC are during high school.  I was on the varsity soccer team my junior year and every day after practice I would take TC home with some of the other boys on the JV team.  It was a lot of fun to have that interaction with TC.  We would travel to and from the away games together.  TC and I went to the championship game that year together just to watch.  It was always fun talking to him.  He was such a good kid.  I remember him as always respecting others.  The last time I saw TC was at Chad Leavitt’s wedding reception in Las Vegas.  He was taller than 6 feet, much taller than when we were in high school.  I will always have good memories of TC.

Larry Laidlaw Story

April 15, 2008

For those of us who have known TC since his youth, we are amazed at the transformation in his life the last few years. As evidenced by the volume of people he has touched, for just one person, he has sent a lot of positive ripples in the pond we all share.

One of my latest experiences with TC that caught my attention was the importance he placed on family recently. Usually teens and young adults are the last to arrive and the first to leave family get-togethers and events.

However, this last Christmas when we had the madhouse we call the “family party” at our home TC was still there as the last families were leaving for their homes or drive back to Utah. It was as if he didn’t want it to end.

Earlier that evening he expressed concern about Jeff in the missionfield and asked lots of questions about how Jeff was doing in Panama and with Spanish. We talked about missions and I could sense his heartache that he wasn’t out on a formal mission.

TC has a rare gift to bond with people because he loves mankind, old and young. It was always fun to watch him interact with children, especially his niece and nephew.

TC practiced what many of us know, but sometimes have a hard time living, and that is that family and friends, and the way we treat them, is what life is all about. I know next time we meet he’ll give me that big old bear hug with his sly crooked smile, and ask “how ya doin Uncle Larry?”

Words can’t express the love we feel for TC and his family. God speed my friend until we hug again…. Uncle Larry Laidlaw

Ross Roberts Story

April 15, 2008

My name is Ross Roberts and I worked with TC at Green Valley Ranch Spa/Salon. TC and I always had diverse opinions and everyone knows that I always respected him and he always showed me the same. I always saw TC as a perfectionist someone that I looked up to as a business professional. I always respected TC and thought of him in high regard with someone with a high moral value and plain and simply fun, and good person. He showed me how to be a leader and how to be a better person. He loved his job and was highly dedicated to his title. He will always be someone I look up too as I observed TC on how to lead a department to total perfection. He would always talk about these absurd things that we would just stare at him and laugh. Those days will be missed but I know he would want us all to live life to the fullest and be strong for him. I will always remember all the conversations we had and the advice he gave me to succeed in business and life. He was the type of person that had such
a huge heart and would help you over-come any obstacle in your way. I know he will be watching all of us at Green Valley Ranch and probably be laughing at us like “What are you guys doing! NO!” haha…… Most of all he will be watching down on all of his family and friends guiding them to the right path in life and make sure everything is going great for all them. My heart goes out to his family and friends and most of all my heart goes out to my strongest manager I ever had Taylor Clifford Rogers.

Derrick Leaver Story

April 15, 2008

I remember when we were younger We were all over at the Chandlers House for a Birthday sleepover. As the night got really late, the truth or dare came about. I remember TC daring me and Jake Chandler to put toothpaste all over Lincoln while he was sleeping (TC Participated of course!!). I remember Lincoln waking up after about an hour screaming that the toothpaste was burning and his face and body were burning like crazy. After enjoying our (well, his) joke/dare TC and I told him to just jump in the pool. I believe he jumped in the pool wearing all of his pajamas. That was a great laugh TC is always way too much fun, if there is such a thing!!! TC is always such a joker, always bringing smiles wherever he would present himself.

Pictures from Christine Rodrigues

April 15, 2008

This was in the cafeteria at lunch time with friends Jordan, Brooklynn, and Tammi

This was our sophomore year..the fun little wallets that you trade with friends.

Ashley and TC at prom our senior year.

At a little get together the summer of 2001 with friends Teddy and Jodi.

With the guys after the talent show....when they danced to his R & B songs!

This was at a birthday party our senior year with Josh, James, and Rob playing Tony Hawk

This is TC when he was in 7th grade at brinley in math class. I think the math teacher had it out for tcer!

Laurie Rogers Story

April 14, 2008

I have been thinking about a story I’d like to tell about TC. It’s been hard figuring out what to say.

TC has been an amazing brother-in-law to me. From the time that Allan and I started dating, he has always made me feel welcome and a part of things. When I was pregnant for the first time, and ended up losing the baby, he seemed as heart broken as I was. When I had my daughter, Sarah, he was the first one to see her, besides her father and I. He was in love from moment one. He was so taken by her and the things he could teach her and just the weird things that made her laugh. He was also the first one to see my second child, Luke, when he was born. When Luke started standing, TC was determined to be the one that teaches Luke how to walk. TC got frustrated that Luke would only take 3 steps and fall, but we count it as walking and that TC taught him. I feel sad that TC won’t be the first person that the current child I am pregnant with sees. TC always brought me my cheeseburger right after I had the kids. I don’t know why, but that made me feel so special. I guess it’s the little things in life. I’m really sad that that tradition that TC started won’t be continued. It just won’t be the same.

When I was pregnant with Luke, and Allan was working the 2 jobs, TC would call me almost every other night to see if he could come over and play with Sarah and visit with me. Or TC would invite me out with him, or him and his friends. He was so thoughtful and wonderful to me and my family. I feel like that the events of Allan and I getting married and when we had our daughter, really had an impact on TC to get things right. Especially, when Sarah was blessed. I have never felt so much pride for a human being as I did when he was in the circle to bless my son.

The story I’d like to tell happened just a few months ago, on a regular Sunday. We’d all gathered for Sunday dinner like we always do. We were all waiting to hear from TC about whether or not he could go on a mission. One of us finally asked him, and he was short and just said no. He was so upset that he couldn’t go, but he understood why. He was so gracious about the Stake President’s decision. When we all heard that he would not be going on a mission, we too were a disappointed with him. But then we started complimenting him on how he had turned his life around and what an amazing person he is and how many lives he has touched. The compliments turned into his brothers, sister, sister-in-laws, and parents telling him how proud they were of him and how special he is. Each one of us told him how much we were proud of him and what he has accomplished by his determination to get things in order, spiritually and temporally. I’ll never forget the look on his face as he listened to everyone. The face of disappointment melted away, and it was almost like watching a 12 year old hear from his parents how proud they were of him. His eyes were so big, and his mouth was smiling so big. You could just tell that he really felt what we were saying and the love and admiration we had for him.

TC is a special person to me, and a lot of people. I love him so much. He made an impression on me, as he did on many, and I am so greatful that I was able to spend just a few years with him as part of his family. I will make sure that Sarah and Luke know their uncle TC, and the blankee game that only he can do.

Cliff’s Story

April 13, 2008

Becky and I really enjoy all the comments and stories that all have contributed to his blog. I have had lots of time to think about the things we have cherished about TC’s life, most of them always bring a smile. I think of one event that brings a big smile and when TC and I talk about it we usually laugh out loud and then giggle for a while. Becky thinks that I am crazy to even publish this event, as it will indicate the lack of mentality (possibly retardation) we both have. I think it is more of an indication of our dedication to scientific knowledge.

TC has always had a fascination with destruction. I think that most males do. TC also enjoys shooting guns. In fact, there are many gun episodes in his life, but I will focus on the one he and I experienced together. This happened about three years ago.

We have had pigeons on our property and to encourage them to roost else where, I take pot shots at them now and then. I obtained some 22cal bird shot. These are very low power shells; in fact there is no gun powder in them, only a primer to send the small lead bullet at the target, of which I have never hit at the distances the pigeons kept. I shoot them form an old 22cal rifle that has been in our family for generations. It is a bolt action single shot aged thing. Some how I got to showing TC these light weight shells and he wanted to shoot some. So we went into the backyard and shot a couple of rounds. We were wondering the accuracy of them, so we started to shoot at a target. Of course a target means competing. After a few shots I determined that it would be easier to see who hit the target if we attached it to the block wall. So up on the wall a small plastic lid was attached. As we were taking turns, I noticed that each shot was chipping the concrete block ever so slightly, and with our concentrated efforts it was beginning to leave a noticeable scar. I suggested that we discontinue the wall back drop because I didn’t want a damaged wall. TC insisted that it won’t be that bad. I told him that these were more powerful than I thought and TC of course, told me that they weren’t. I then told him, “here, let me shoot you and then you tell me if it is powerful or not!” Then the discussion turned into “would it break the skin or not?” This dare and double dare resulted a discussion of how many foot powers of velocity the projectile had. We wondered how we could measure and gauge the impact. I suggested we get the phone book; that way we could shoot into it and determine the depth of penetration. We sat the phone book up about 10 feet away and shot a couple of rounds. We retrieved the book and started to part the pages to discover that the small piece of lead was about 20 pages in. With this evidence we determined that it was very possible that it would break skin. Then we started to wonder how it would feel, not the pain aspect, but the impact. TC said “let me hold the book, and you shoot it, see if it enough to knock it out of my hands.” I thought that was reasonably safe, after all, it would only be about 8 feet away, and we were consistently hitting a bottle cap over 20 feet away, and a phone book is much bigger than a bottle cap.

So with all fear crushed into a scientific need, TC stood, grasping a thick phone book in his hand with is arm out stretched away from his body, slightly struggling to hold it up. I took a longer than normal careful aim… and decided that this was stupid. It felt very unnatural to be pointing a loaded rifle at a book my son was holding. I decided that an additional safety measure was needed. Safety Glasses. I retrieved a pair from my truck and made him put them on. We both laughed. Then we repeated the scene. When I pulled the trigger, I remember TC making a grunting noise. The event was over a soon as it started. The phone book was still in his hand and he exclaimed, “That was weird”, followed by, “Do it again!” Then it was my turn to hold the book. I must say, it was a much different experience being on the receiving end. TC commented on the odd feeling he was having at the same time, it was indeed weird to be pointing a gun near a person with intensions of shooting it. The gun safety class was paying off. It was a strange feeling to hear the pop of the shell and then feeling it slam into the phone book. It wasn’t at all as powerful as first imagined, and had a strange controlled deadly feeling to it. We discussed our findings.

With the weight of the book being held with extended arms, we felt that it was difficult to determine the actually feeling of receiving the transmitted foot power of the bullet. TC suggested that we take it one step further, and hold the phone book tightly against our chest, that way you would be able to feel the impact. I agreed. So here we were; I sitting in a chair resting my arms on a table with a rifle pointing at TC, who was standing erect holding a phone book tightly against his chest, about 8 feet away, wearing safety glasses. I was taking the careful aim, ignoring the common sense alarms ringing in my head, just about to pull the trigger when Becky walked out the back door and screamed.

Natalee Jennings Picture

April 12, 2008

TC – Up to no good

Melissa Ingersoll Story

April 11, 2008

My heart aches for you and your family’s pain at this fragile time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I’ve never met you and am not a very close friend of TC’s but find myself lost in quiet thoughts of all of you often.

I transferred to the Centenniel Hills ward not knowing a soul. It was very awkward and uncomfortable for me. I didn’t have a very warm welcoming into the ward and dreaded going to church due to the lack of kindness. I’d sit at church, meetings and activities for hous without anyone noticing me- except for TC. He introduced himself to me the first day and made a special point to notice me and make me feel welcome from there on out. TC almost has a superhuman quality that just radiates from his spectacular face. If it weren’t for TC, I don’t know if I would have continued to show up for church. TC made me feel special and had the ability to let me feel as though I was the only person in the room. I could feel the Savior’s love simply by sitting near him. I’ve since moved to a family ward but don’t cringe at the thought of a singles ward now… I smile and think of TC Rogers.

TC’s neuro-surgeon, Jason Garber is a family friend and I have no doubt that TC is in the most capable of hands. Dr. Garber is a magician in his field and truly phenomenal. (spelling? No spell check on email, unfortunately =o) )

I pray that your family be comforted and feel love. I am blessed to have met your son and am thankful for the positive impact he has made on my life. I am sure you are sky high with cassaroles and brownies- but please DO NOT hesitate to ask me of anything. I would be more than happy to give rides, bring food, help clean, weed flowerbeds or toss out junkmail.

Melissa Ingersoll

Michelle Cortes Story

April 11, 2008

My name is Michelle Cortes and I worked with TC at Red Rock. First of all, I am so so sorry about what you and your family are going through right now. I know this must be such a terrible time for you. As a new parent, I just can’t imagine how you and your wife feel. It really is truly amazing to see what strength you all have, and to know that faith will get you through this. TC is such a great friend and very special person, as I’m sure you already know. I have been trying to find a way to put a story on the website and couldn’t figure it out, so here goes….

TC would come into my office in Human Resources whenever he had a question or problem with a team member in the Spa. He would always come in with a big smile on his face even if he was upset about something. It’s not just his height that you notice when he walks in a room, it’s his smile that just lights everything up! I have a Rubik’s cube on my desk so people can “play” while they talk with me. The first day that TC noticed it, he got so excited! He would come in sometimes just to play with it and sit down for a little while. One day, he got two sides going with all the right colors. He was so proud of himself! The next time he came in, he was mad at me because someone had “messed it up”. He grabbed it and frantically started trying to put it back. It was really really funny!

Another time, I made an appointment to have a pedicure and at that time we offered a pedicure that was specifically designed for pregnant women. TC saw that and questioned me about it. He said “you know that’s for maternity, right?” and I told him yes, and that I was pregnant. He was so shocked and so excited for me. It was hilarious because I was already like 5 months pregnant and had been showing for a while. He really had no idea (or maybe he was just being nice)… 🙂

After he learned I was pregnant, he would ask me how I was feeling all the time. When I found out I was having a boy, he asked me if I was going to name him TC. We would talk a lot about my pregnancy and how much he wanted to have children. He just hadn’t found the right woman yet… He would talk about how he LOVED being an uncle and would just beam from ear to ear!

Sometimes, TC’s ties wouldn’t match his outfit 100%. Stacee (Spa Supervisor at the time) and I would give him a hard time. He would playfully argue with us and say “it does too match” and we would just shake our heads and laugh. TC definitely has a way of making people smile! After reading the other stories on the website, it is completely obvious that he has touched so many lives and continues to make people smile even through this hard time.

My heart goes out to him and he is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you and your family. If I can do anything at all, please let me know. If I remember any other stories that will hopefully make you smile, I will definitely e-mail you.

Take care, and please give TC a hug for me as soon as you can,

Angela Jacobsen Story

April 11, 2008

TC and I met for the first time in 2nd grade so I have many childhood memories but one of the best times we had was in Ms. Bates 5th grade class. Our class totally ROCKED! I swear it was the best year ever because we had mostly all of our friends in the class. I was the lucky one who got to sit next to him all year! He always had a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye! Here are some old school pictures that I just love of our childhood years when we were all so innocent…..well I cant speak for everyone 🙂

Every time I think of TC and his family it just puts a huge smile on my face. You guys were there through some pretty rough times that my family went through and I nor my mom will ever forget that. You are all greatly loved and in our thoughts and prayers daily.

-Angela Jacobsen

Leigh Ann (Hladek) Hinote Story

April 11, 2008

My name is Leigh Ann (Hladek) Hinote. I was TC’s second grade teacher. It is hard to believe that this was almost 20 years ago! He was an adorable seven year old! He would look up at me with those big blue eyes and they would just sparkle. His smile was very contagious and warmed my heart. For Christmas that year, he gave me a Santa Bear candy jar that Becky had made. Each year, when I fill my Santa Bear with candy, I smile and think of TC.

After TC left elementary school, I didn’t see him again until my husband and I went to Cliff’s wrap restaurant. I believe TC was about 19 or so. I didn’t recognize TC at first. But the more I stood there, trying to figure out what to order (and looking at TC), the more I knew that he was a former student. I asked him if he went to Deskin. He said yes and then I knew. We had a great conversation and got caught up on our lives. As my husband and I ate, I would see TC looking over at us, grinning. Again, his smile warmed my heart.

I have kept up on TC through Becky. She and I both work at Eisenberg. In fact, the last news I heard about him was the Monday of his accident. Becky was talking at lunch about their Sunday dinner with the family. She was saying how fun it was to sit and listen to TC talking about life and dating and how sweet he was that day.

I pray that the Lord continues to bless TC and his family through this difficult time.

Naomi Spiewak Story

April 11, 2008

My TC story…well its actually going to be a few stories in one. TC has been one of the most important people in my life! I met him at the Aquae Sulis Spa in the JW Marriott. He was the Spa Supervisor and I had just been hired on as a Spa Receptionist. He was my trainer, and I tell you I have never had so much fun learning, it was literally the first time in my life that I woke up and was Happy to go to work. About a year later he was promoted to Asst. Spa Manager and I was promoted to Spa Supervisor. He helped me so much and took me under his wing and again trained me to be the best supervisor I could be.

Shortly after that I needed a place to live, because I have a dog and couldnt move into an appartment, because my dog is a Pit/Huskey mix and is 63lbs. As most people know, TC is not a dog person, and he is actually scared of Jax(my dog), but still he offered to rent his house out to me instead of selling it like he was planning on doing. That is how wonderful he is. I have been living in that house for like 2 or 3 years now…i cant remember how long really…all I know is that the day I moved in it just felt like I was finally home.

During all of that I was asking him questions about the Mormon Religion, and he set up Missionary Lessons for me with Missionaries from his ward. He also gave me Lincolns scriptures to study from while he was on his mission. After a few months I was Baptized. I will never forget the look on his face when I told him that I was going to be Baptized. I mean he was so excited you would think it was his own baptism. When Lincoln came back from his mission, I went up to him to give him his scriptures back and told him that TC let me use them to study, and how it was a huge help in my batism. Lincoln told me to keep them, that he already had his own from his mission. I still read everyday from them. Both Rogers boys have been such a HUGE influence in my life, and I will always be so Thankful for both of them!

Soon after all that, TC and I both went over to the Red Rock Spa, with a few other people from the Marriott. It was like we were all an inseperable force. Then he had to go and leave for Green Valley, but thats ok, its all still affiliated, and he would still come over to the Red Rock all the time to help out. If everyone was as giving of there time and as cheritable as he, the world would just be a better place! He always made work so much fun, and could always put a smile on your face.

TC is a Very Special, Important person, and I know that he is going to come out of this stronger then ever. My boyfriend Terance and I pray for him and the Family every night. We both Miss him and Love him so much!!! We are so happy that he has such a Strong and Wonderful family by his side. He is the way he is, and Loved by so many because of how he was raised. I feel so Blessed to know such an Amazing family and to be a part of TC’s life. You all will continue to be in my prayers daily.

Pictures from Cassaundra Kennedy

April 10, 2008

Shelly Leany Story

April 10, 2008

Since we have only known TC since Oct. 2007 we have don’t have as many memories and pictures to share as some.  (I’m sure Todd will send more since he has worked more closely with TC with his calling) 

The first picture I sent is of TC and Natalee.  This was taken at Red Rock bowling.  TC helped drive my daughters friends to go bowling for her 16th birthday party.  The second picture is TC with Todd Luek playing shuffle board at Red Rock while waiting for the kids to get done bowling.  The third picture was taken at our house while Kelsey (also an incredible girl!), Mindy, Natalee, Jeron, Nitosha and TC helped my daughter, Morgan, create and paint campaign posters and t-shirts for junior class secretary. 

One day he even called Todd to see if there was anything that needed to be fixed around the house because he and Jeron were fixing things at your house and they were on a roll and were offering help to others. TC is a remarkable young man!  Always willing to jump in and help. He has been a tremendous example of a what a young man in the gospel should be.  His example of honoring his priesthood and fulfilling his calling is one of the things that comes to mind when we think of TC.   I can only pray that we are blessed with 5 son -in- laws like him (not in the near future though).

We love you and our prays are with you,

Todd, Shelly, Morgan, Lauren, Allison, Brooke and Courtney Leany

Justin Hamilton Story

April 10, 2008
My name is Justin Hamilton from Eau Claire, WI.  I had the good fortune of serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission from August 2005-2007.  I also had the privelege to serve in TC’s Singles Ward for nearly 9 months off and on. 
I didn’t have the chance to get to know him too well. But I was always impressed with how good he was to us Elders, and how friendly and missionary oriented he was in all cases.  I had always thought of him as being a good example of living a Chirst-like Life from what I had seen of him.
I will definitely pray for everyone’s welfare for those involved!
Justin Hamilton

Maythe Ramirez Story

April 10, 2008
Hello my name is Maythe Ramirez and I use to work with TC at the JW Marriott. He is such a funny person that it really was hard to take him seriously. However, we had to because he was management. Anyway I had the pleasure to hang out with him a couple of times outside of work and boy he really IS a funny fun guy. He use to kill me making jokes and making work seem like play. I left the Marriott in early 2006 and lost touch with him. If it wasn’t for my boyfriend’s cousin’s fiance, I would have never known this had happened. Since I found out, he has been on my mind and in my prayers. Here are some pictures that are a prime example of how cool of a manager he was to us at the J Dubb… 🙂

Maythe Ramirez


Nadia Stevens Story

April 10, 2008

I work with TC and would just like to say my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I also wanted to share a cute story about TC.
After the accident my 4 year old daughter Niah overheard me telling my husband about what had happened.  Right away she showed deep concern for TC saying (she is also very dramatic) “OH that’s terrible will he be ok” and then she told me that she wanted to let him know Heavenly Father is watching over him.  Everyday now she asks me how he is doing and if his head is better.  The other day she said let’s call TC and see how his head is doing.  I know TC really enjoyed Niah and would be glad to know she is thinking about him.  The other night she was praying with her dad and she asked him what she should pray about, he told her pray for everyone you love, your friends and family.  It made me cry when she then asked Heavenly father to be with her friend TC and bless him in his coma.
I know TC really loved children and couldn’t wait to have some himself oneday.  Cheree who also works at GVR was expecting and TC out of the blue one day told her he was going to come visit her in the hospital after she had her baby and bring her a bouquet of flowers with a bat hidden inside so he could hit her over the head and steal her baby because he just couldn’t wait to have kids.  ha ha
I do pray TC makes a full recovery and has lots of kids of his own, and doesn’t have to resort to stealing babies
Much love to you and your family,

Ashley Riggs Stories

April 9, 2008

I have been thinking and thinking of what I can write on this blog and it still has not come to me. I have SO SO many stories I could share of TC. This kid is the most amazing kid! He is always looking out for the best for everyone. I just loved spending every moment I did with him. Some days I would work 14 hours just to spend time with him. And I would leave work knowing the next day I would probably do the same dang thing. But I just didn’t care because I was with TC. He just makes me happy and it’s always a good time with him (YEP.. EVEN at work) We have grown super close and I know there will be time to grow even closer!
Things he does always seem to amaze me. He always makes funny faces at little kids when their parents aren’t looking. He told me once that a little kid called him out on it. The little boy said to his mom ” mom, why is that guy making faces at me?” TC then hurried and looked away. But that didn’t get him to stop . He still continues to mess with these little kids and make faces at them. He just LOVES kids! He talks about his niece and nephew daily! And about how excited he is to have his own kids.
Another thing that amazes me about TC is how much that kid can eat!! He is so dang skinny and eats more than anyone I know. Café Rio is one of his favorite and those burritos are SO big but he eats the whole dang thing!! And something’s he does are so random…At Port a Subs he orders a foot long sandwich and gets only ONE tomato right in the middle… he says he needs all the nutrition. HA!
TC is such a gentlemen.. At work he is always telling me I cant do this…and I can’t do that because I am a girl and I should not be lifting things and moving things that are that heavy….I’m not very good at listening to that. We bicker like we are brother and sister. But that is just one thing I love about him! He is so wonderful and he is such a stubborn, strong willed person, I know he will make it through this hard time and the Lord is looking out for him and his family and his angels are watching over TC. We are all praying for you TC- We love you SO SO MUCH! Stay strong and keep fighting! I LOVE YOU!!!
Ashley Riggs
Spa Supervisor


Kelly Hurst Story

April 9, 2008

My name is Kelly Hurst and I met TC Rogers in 10th grade. If you have read any of the stories before mine than you already have a really good idea of what kind of person TC is, words like dedicated, trustworthy, fun, and loyal have all been used to describe him by many different people. There are seriously a million stories that I could tell, but I’m going to tame it down and just tell you how I met him and how amazing of a friend he is. I remember seeing TC before I actually met him and thinking “man this guy is either really confident or really cocky”. The hardest thing for me to understand at the time was we were about the same size (4’9’’ 110 lbs), and I knew that I was nowhere near being confident or cocky for that matter.  So I thought to myself what’s he doing differently than me, what’s his secret? For instance he could walk up to any girl in school in the blink of an eye without being nervous and talk to her with charm. So finally a friend of a friend introduced us and the next thing I knew I was in his mom’s dodge caravan with TC behind the wheel (He was also older than all of us, even though he looked the youngest). Within the first 2 minutes I thought to myself “this kid is out of his mind”. We were on the way to some party in the middle of nowhere (which is now like El Capitan & Craig) and all the roads were dirt/gravel with curves and hills. Right from the beginning I knew that this trip was going to either be in record time or we weren’t going to make it there. We were fishtailing and bouncing everywhere, it kind of felt like I was in the Baja 500 except in a caravan instead of one those really decked out trucks. So by some miracle we make it to the party, instantly I’m wondering if I will survive the drive home. The party was fun from what I could remember and we did make it home, but from that point on we were always really great friends. After High school we took some classes at UNLV together, and I worked for him at both Wrap it Up & JW Marriott Pool. In 2002 I moved back to California but that didn’t stop our friendship he came out to visit me a couple of times we even went surfing (he dropped in on a local and caused a bit of a ruckus in the community), we would communicate a lot after I moved mostly through Halo 2 which doubled as both catching up time and total domination time. TC has always been someone that I could talk to about anything and I could trust that he would give me the best advice possible. He has always been someone that I have looked up to because of his dedication and loyalty. He can do anything, that’s why I feel so strongly that he will pull through this critical moment in his life, he is both too strong and stubborn not to.

Lacee Jenkins (Campbell) Story

April 9, 2008

As a little girl growing up in a neighborhood full of boys I couldn’t have asked for a better group of boys to grow up with. I was constantly tormented by TC, Daniel, and Brooklyn for many years.  I remember jumping on Daniel’s trampoline and those boys beating on me…but of course I loved every second of it.  I remember when they built a “fort” behind the wall at TC’s house.  It was on the dirt lot side and girls were not allowed in there!!  One day my friend and I snuck in (well we thought we snuck because I believe you had to enter from the top and while doing this you could be seen over the wall if somebody was looking through the window).  We were in there for only a few minutes when we were BUSTED!  I am not sure who busted us in there…might have been Becky.

I am not sure if TC’s or any other parents ever found about this…but it was over 10 years ago…so here it is.  One night a bunch of girls were having a sleep over and so were all the boys in our “group”.  The boys were at TC’s house this night.  Well, the girls snuck out of the house and walked across the desert to toilet paper a house.  The house we toilet papered was Justin Evans’ house…SORRY Justin :o)  That night was a great and I will NEVER forget it. I of course got caught though. I remember one night going with Ky to a house and leaving with TC and some other people and going to the top of Alexander to look at the lights and then all of a sudden the cops were shining their lights in the windows like we were hoodlums getting ready to do something horrible…it couldn’t have been any farther from that.

Back to the Florine lawn maintenance company that Justin Evans spoke of…my mom was one of their customers.  She used to “hire” them to pull weeds because I would refuse to do it.  But instead of pulling them…they would use the weed-whacker and get them out that way!!!!

I have not seen TC in many years, but he will always be in my heart because we shared a special time in our childhoods together.  He has also taken somebody I consider a sister under his wings and I appreciate everything he does for her.  Get better soon kid!!!

Keri Printy

April 8, 2008

My name is Keri Printy and I have known TC for about 3 years and have only had the privilege of working with since October of 07. We work at the Spa at Green Valley Ranch together, I am the Spa Director and TC is my right hand man, you know the one who does all the work and makes me look good. haha! TC is really the Spa Operations Manager ( he loves that title).

I was so happy to be able to go to the hospital today and spend some time with Becky and Cliff. I was telling them that we have our work families and that I am lucky to have TC be a part of that family… As I continue to show up to work each day I just keep working hard making sure that things are in order for when he returns, aside from a few you know little mistakes here and there I think he will be proud of me. When I went to pick up my financials yesterday and saw that we came in for the first time at a number we needed to be at my first reaction was ” TC is going to be so happy” This is something that he has been working on for some time now. TC is such a hard worker with a work ethic that goes well beyond his years, he just blows me away sometimes…

TC always said something or did something funny everyday we were at work.. From practical jokes to always scheming up something to make me mad…. We have a team member who is about to have a baby any day day now and TC told me” you know when my wife has kids I am taking maternity leave as well, I want to spend every minute with my family”… As a mother of 3 WOW! Did he make my heart smile.

How lucky am I to have a “work family” that includes TC in it, he makes every day at work fly by and makes me laugh and cry..  I miss my friend and he is in my thoughts every minute… I am waiting for him to walk through the door and say “Its about time you got some work done haha!” On another note everyone always thinks that TC is the boss… imagine that…….

TC and I balanced each other out, we are such a great team, he is getting me to be more organized and serious and I am getting him to relax and let loose.. I LOVE that about our relationship….

I am also truly blessed to have been able to spend time with TC’s family-  I adore Becky and Cliff and find them to be an inspiration to me as parents and as my new friends…

Keri Printy
Spa Director
Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa

Justin Evans Story

April 8, 2008

It was June of 1989 and my parents had completed the construction of their home on Florine Avenue.  I was 7 years old and very excited / nervous to move into a new neighborhood.  As a youngster the three most important things were 1) to have friends at school 2) to get a Capri Sun in my lunch box (and drink it properly) 3) to have friends at school.  I was pretty nervous (even for a 7 year old)..  A new home.. a new ward.. a new school, it was a lot for little Justin Evans to handle.

I remember being overjoyed when I learned that the cul-de-sac next to mine was full of kids my age.  One of these kids was TC Rogers.  TC has been a solid friend ever since.  I remember when we were 14 we decided to start a law maintenance company.  We pushed our lawn mowers down Florine Avenue, uphill both ways, to mow a few of our “customers”  lawns.… yeah, needless to say, that didn’t last long.  I remember when he pulled the beard off of Santa Clause and when he ran home from Primary because he didn’t want to speak in front of everyone.  I remember sleepovers, camping trips and squirt gun wars and I cannot help but smile thinking about these events.

I have countless fond memories of TC and things that we did when we were younger.  I remember carpooling with the Haydens, Rogers and Volles when I was in elementary school.  I remember one day, on the way to Ruth Deskin, TC dared his mom to hit one of the construction cones on Craig Road.   (note: she was driving a station wagon.) Reluctantly, she hit the cone with the side of her tire and I swear at that moment we all thought she was the coolest Mom in the universe.  You go Becky!

Now back to the 3 basic needs of a 7 year old.  1) to have friends at school 2) to get a Capri Sun in my lunch box (and drink it properly) 3) to have friends at school. TC was defiantly a friend, someone who I could always count on.  And regarding my Carpi Sun..  I remember TC showed me how to properly insert my straw into my Capri Sun.  He carefully explained to me that it is improper to put the straw through the top of the Capri Sun where is says “insert straw here”.  The cool way to do it was to flip your Capri Sun upside down and put the straw through the bottom.  To this day, if I am every blessed enough to have a Capri Sun in my “lunch box”, I make sure to put the straw though the bottom and not the top.  Thanks for the life lessons TC.  Forever your friend.   Justin Evans

Mandy (Brown) Hansen Story

April 8, 2008
I have known T.C. for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate enough to be in many of his primary classes. My favorite memory of T.C. is when we were about 8 yrs old the primary leaders wanted T.C. to say a prayer or scripture or something. He flat refused and to show them how serious he was he walked out of the room. Of course, he didnt stop there. In order to best prove his point he continued to walk all the way to his house, a couple of miles away. If I remember correctly his family arrived home from church a few hours later and found T.C. eating a bowl of cereal and watching t.v. not in the least stressed out.
T.C. always gives really good hugs too. They are really powerful and make you feel really special. They are warm and inviting, and if I could I would give one to him now.
Mandy (Brown) Hansen

Allan Rogers Story

April 8, 2008

First off, I want to express my deep appreciation to everyone that has sent in stories and pictures,  I have been quite busy with everything lately, so I have not been able to fully express my thanks for everything that everyone has contributed.

Being TC’s big brother, it is hard for me to isolate stories about him, but I am going to give it a shot.

I remember being around 10 and TC was about 8.  We went up to Ice Box Canyon at Red Rock.  At the back of Ice Box Canyon, there is water surrounded by smooth sandstone.

Dad was scaling the sides of the valley, and TC and I were playing with tadpoles in the pool at the bottom.  I, not being known for my grace, fell into the pond.  I started to freak out when I felt the slimy weeds, and started thrashing about.  TC, much smaller than I, grabbed my from the bank, and was able to pull me from the water.  I was humiliated because of my clumsiness, but I was so impressed with TC for keeping a cool head, and grabbing me from the water.  I didn’t admit it, but he was my hero that day.

I will come up with more stories as I think of them.

It is very difficult to be a big brother right now.

Kiana Hayden

April 8, 2008

I’ve only known TC for a little over 3 years now. I first met him when he volunteered to be on the Family Home Evening Committee with me. Although at the time he was working 70-80 hours at JW Marriott, he still made time to serve faithfully on our committee. For one activity, he got the Santa Fe to comp bowling and unlimited snack bar for our entire singles ward. For another activity, he gave out spa passes as prizes. (We definitely took advantage of TC’s connections.) He would always come early to help me set up and stay till the very end till everything was cleaned up. I don’t think I would’ve been able to put on half the activities without his help.

TC has been a really good friend to me and is my husband’s childhood best friend. If it wasn’t for TC, I probably would’ve never met my husband. Before Daniel and I got married, TC was having a hard time dealing with the fact that his friend was no longer going to be a single guy. So they made a plan that every night after I fell asleep (usually around 8:30 or 9) Daniel would call TC to come over and they would play video games all night long. To this day, it hasn’t happened.

I have the memory of a 90 year old woman, so I can’t think of too many specific stories of TC, but here’s one that comes to mind. Two years ago, TC bought a Dodge Ram, which I believe was his first brand new truck. Someone told him that in a brand new truck, you’re not supposed to drive over 50 mph until you reach 1000 miles, in order to break it in properly. As you know, TC is very particular about his personal property and took heed to his friend’s warning as an extra precaution. I was one of the lucky first passengers to ride in his truck. One night we went to the driving range at Desert Pines Golf Course down on Bonanza.. Since TC “wasn’t supposed to drive over 50 mph” he decided to take the surface streets from Grand Canyon and Cheyenne all the way down to Bonanza and Pecos. A drive that should have taken 15 minutes (on the freeway) took over an hour. By the time we got down there, we only had 20 minutes to hit range balls before the place shut down. TC quickly got over the 50 mph rule and we took the freeway home. 

Here’s a few pictures from a service project we did last year. We went to the children’s hospital to read stories to the little kids and the nurses gave one of the little boys a giant syringe to squirt our guys with. TC and the guys made a game out of it and went around to all the rooms and let the kids squirt them with water. The pictures are a little fuzzy because they’re from my phone..

Get well soon TC, we love you.

Rebecca Volle Story

April 8, 2008

I guess that this story is about both TC and Linc.  Many years ago our ward R.S. decided to have an overnight party at the church to develop friendship among the sisters.  Of course, there was a lot of reminiscing about teenage years and it came up that several of us had never been toilet papering.  So in the van we climbed armed with loads of toilet paper.  We did the Bishops house and then headed over the Roger’s cul-de-sac.  We did a bang-up job, but somehow we made too much noise and on went the lights.  We took off running and just made it into the van when TC and his brother ran into the middle of the cul-de-sac and MOONED us!!!  I don’t know if I have ever laughed so hard.  It wasn’t just the incredibly funny sight of their skinny, white, bare behinds, but the thought of how they would probably die of embarrassment if they knew they were mooning the Relief Society President and several other “old” ladies from the ward.  It still makes me smile to think of it and is a great story to tell about my first and last toilet papering experience.

Rebecca Volle

Grandma Laidlaw Story

April 8, 2008

T.C. tried to persuade us many times to come for a girls weekend at the Marriot, but life always seemed too busy. Then Kelsey called and told us that she and T.C. had been schemeing for her moms 50th birthday. Life went on… and then I got the phone call from Tece, who wouldn’t hang up without a date set, soooo we set the date and then T.C. had to figure out how to get his mom down to the Marriot without her knowing that her mom and sisters would be there waiting for her.

So here’s how the plan went. He told Becky that she would be having dinner with him in one of the rooms catered by a chef and she bought it.  We arrived at the Marriott, our bags were taken, then we were greeted by a Tall, Blonde, handsome young man, put together from head to toe. Next  T.C. took us to a Cabana and disappeared for a little while. Putting it into grandmas words, “he came strolling up with a big smile”, carrying poolside drinks with little umberllas poping out of them. We were feeling pretty special at this point.

After relaxing poolside, T.C. took us up to our beautiful presidential suite… a suite fit for a movie star, priced way out of our league, but thanks to T.C., it was no charge to us. The suite was as big as any of our houses, with a bath tub big enough to swim in, and a beautiful view. Tece was still smiling, and yet being very, “Take Charge and Professional”. Then we found our big fluffy white robes, put them on, and felt like Royalty, we loved being spoiled! His phone rang often, and we noticed how important T.C. was to the Marriott, and what a good job he was doing.  We could tell that everyone at the Marriott loved T.C.

Waiting in our robes, we hid and waited for the big arrival of the birthday girl, Becky.  She was surprised and excited as she walked in and saw us all. We crowned her with a beautiful diamond tiara!!  She looked like a queen. She even wore the crown to dinner and all through the casino, what a good sport!!  Our dinner was comped for us thanks to T.C., what a sweetheart.

We went back to our suite and next thing we knew there was a knock at the door. We answered it and there was a bellman with a tray holding our nightcap of milk and cookies! Wow!! What a way to end the night. The suite would have been enough entertainment and relaxation to keep us happy for days, but Tece had a much more relaxing day planned for the Redhead gang. Two of us started the day our with massages while the other two had awsome relaxing facials! We all felt like melted pads of butter after mmm! T.C. is always so thought ful and takes time to think of every detail. He knew aunt Sandra would not feel comfortable getting massage so he booked a for her facial instead, which made her DANG happy!

After that we were escorted down to get pedicures in the nicest pedicure chairs ever! We were in heaven. We just kept looking at each other and giggling. We didn’t think it could get any better  when here came T.C. with spiced hot apple cider for the aunties ( which is his favorite starbucks drink), and a strawberry dacquari for grams. Next we went into the spa and were handed” the famous slippers” that aunt Sandra loved so much,and he loved his aunt Sandra aunt so much that he arrived at our family Christmas party with a sack in hand. Much to her suprise, gave her a pair. In the spa we sipped water with lemon slices, ate fresh pears, and any juice you wanted.

We were all tickled when T.C. worked his magic and pulled off getting us an extra night in the fabulous suite! We ended the next morning with brunch that was fit for a king/ fifty queen!! what a memorable fun experience we will treasure forever because our cute T.C. we’ll never forget  our most pampered weekend ever. Aunt Lou Lou Aunt San and Grandma

p.s. Thanks T.C. for your hugs and making me feel so special! Love Grandma Laidlaw
Families are like Quilts
lives pieced together
stictched with smiles and tears
colored with memories
and bound by love

Sandy Cutting Story

April 8, 2008

Quite some time ago I was working with Cliff as the “office girl” in the StoneCliff days.  Becky was going to school to finish her education degree and Allan was just finishing up his mission. I believe TC was in middle school at the time and was a skinny young teen.  One of my daily duties was to gather up Kelsey and Lincoln along with my girls, Lyndsay and Lexi Osburn, from Ruthe Deskin Elementary at the end of the school day. Though Kelsey and Lincoln would rarely make a peep on the loooooong ride from school to the Roger’s house (I think they were busy thinking up dastardly deeds), I could always count on TC for some lively conversation when he got home from school.  He was always happy, upbeat and carried on a conversation that would keep this “old lady” entertained.  When all the kids got home from school, the “games” would begin.  I’m not sure if it was TC or Lincoln that was the instigator–I’m sure it wasn’t sweet, little Kelsey -), but the afternoon was always filled with watching how the kids and their friends would torment the office girl in the basement office.  This memory always brings a laugh and smile to lips!

I always thought of TC as “enterprising.”  It seemed he always had something up his sleeve.  He was always go, go going!  I’m not sure anyone can keep up with him!

I am so fortunate to spend this brief moment of time wrapped in the love of the Roger’s family and home, as this was a very difficult period of time in my life.  As our family members and friends have connected throughout the last twelve years, I can always count on a friendly, loving greeting and hug from Becky and Cliff when visiting their ward.  Kelsey and Lyndsay remain close friends, and I keep tabs on the goings on of the family through this connection.  Several months ago, while visiting with my sweet friend, Deb Dailey, in the hall after church, she introduced me to her daughter and grandbabies.  Deb’s son-in-law, Allan, recognized me immediately…”you used to work for my Dad!”

For all that this dynamic, vivacious, loving, humorous, and enterprising young TC has accomplished in his life, know that his mission is not complete.  Heavenly Father definitely has a plan for this choice young man, though it is now unclear to those that continue to love him.  Please know that my constant thoughts and prayers are with TC and the rest of the Rogers family.  I wish that I could somehow return the favors of love and comfort that you gave me many years ago.

Love to you all.
Sandy Cutting

Cassaundra Hull Story

April 7, 2008
My name is Cassaundra Hull, I am the youngest daughter to Barry and Cassie Kennedy. My father served in the bishopric of TC’s Singles Ward for a few years and over that time became very close with him.  I also went to high school with TC and was just a grade older then him.  Although I did not spend lots of time with TC I always enjoyed a chance to talk to him.  He was always happy, always funny and always kind to me.  However, the time that TC has touched my life the most was January of last year when my older brother, James, died.  As soon as the singles ward knew about it TC was over at our house helping wherever he could.  Much of that time is kind of a blur but I remember him  helping with the kids and organizing the funeral.  Since all the kids in my family are out of the house now the members of the Singles Ward really became like second children to my parents, particularly TC.  Over the years my mom has  constantly given us updates on him like he was one of her own children.
I know during these times you want to hold onto all the things you know and people know about TC.  I am always overjoyed when someone can tell me any story about my brother. It truly fills your heart with hope. I hope that during this time of hardship this small thought about TC can in some way touch you the way he touched our family with his kindness.  He is such a special person and I will be forever grateful for the compassion and friendship he showed my parents during their time of loss.  Please know that TC and your family are in our prayers.
Cassaundra Hull

Robyn Laidlaw Story

April 7, 2008

just wanted to add a few thoughts about TC.  We love you guys so much.
Kent and I got such a kick out of TC in the Stake Road Shows last year.
I can still see TC in the red spandex lobster suit dancing around the
stage to “Kiss the Girl” it was great.
When the cousins were young, on one of the many trips to St. George to
spend the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Laidlaw and enjoy one another’s
company, I over heard the cousins talking about who they wanted to be
like when they grew up. Lincoln said; “I want to be just like TC, he’s
so Cool!”  Years later while Lincoln was on his mission we were all
gathered at Larry & Clair’s.  Becky read one of Lincoln’s letters from
the mission field.  TC turned to me and said; “TC is my Hero!” If you
spend any time at all with the Rogers family you will soon see the love,
respect and support they have for one another. TC is always good for a big
hug.  A big hug when he says hello and a big hug when he says goodbye.
It is obvious that TC loves to rise to a challenge.  Weather it be a
board game, video game, work or life’s challenges.  Our thoughts, prayers
and faith are with him.

Love, Aunt Robyn  XOXO

Tarin (Haymore) Christensen Story

April 7, 2008

and I became friends in 10th grade and he has continued to be a treasured friend throughout the years.

The beginning of our friendship is hazy, but most definitely includes Jared Loomis. I spent a lot of time with Jared; therefore I spent a lot of time with TC. I’m pretty sure it was this year when TC thought it would be a good idea to jump off my balcony and into my pool. I was not happy, but he insisted on doing it. The pool was only 6 feet deep. When I reflect on it now, I realize that this is a perfect example of how TC has lived. He dives right in.

The summer before our junior year includes memories of watching The Goonies several days in a row, eating mac and cheese that only he could make taste so good, rabbit hunting (much to my chagrin), building things to blow up in the desert, and off-roading in my Jeep.

One of my favorite memories with TC is our Junior Homecoming. Since I had turned 16 over the summer, this would be my first dance and I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather go with. I thought I was so cool when I decided to answer him creatively and fill the bed of his truck with water and fish. What was I thinking? I hurt Old Blue. TC mentioned it so nonchalantly. I never really knew the extent of the damage I caused, and I still feel guilty about it! And, for some unknown reason I didn’t smile in our official dance picture. Maybe that explains why I don’t have a copy? I truly think TC thought I was miserable, when in reality I had a great time. At least we have been able to laugh about it since then.

Since 11th grade and through high school, just about everything I did socially included TC. We shared the same group of friends and I can honestly say TC was my favorite guy friend. He always felt like the brother I never had and always wanted. I’ve watched him have some struggles through the years, but I never ever doubted his testimony. I knew that he knew what was right and true. I was able to spend some time with TC a few years ago at a friend’s wedding. He was working hard, had a beautiful home, and just seemed peaceful. I know that things haven’t been easy at times, but he has always been optimistic and lived so fully.

I haven’t lived in Vegas since high school, but I’ve thought about TC often and enjoyed several opportunities to catch-up with him over the years. When I got married, my last name changed from Haymore to Christensen. I smile when new friends call me by my initials… TC.

~ Tarin (Haymore) Christensen

Mindy Meacham Story

April 7, 2008
When I moved to Vegas and started attending the Centennial Hills singles ward,  I did not know anyone. TC was the first person that really went out of his way to make me feel part of things. It was because of him that I felt like I had at least one friend. When I think about the first time I met him there are two things that I remember….one he was wearing cowboy boots and two he said he worked at a spa. For some reason I thought the combination of these two things was funny.
My favorite memories of TC are from a while back when he was putting in the backyard of his house. We all know what kind of a hard worker he is. And so almost every night you could find him dressed in his wife beater and camo shorts working on the backyard. I would come over to hangout and quickly found myself “helping” him on the backyard. I am not sure I was a whole lot of help but Chassy, TC and I spent many a night laughing, talking, and working on the backyard.  He is very ambitious, determined and driven. He likes things done a certain way and is willing to put in the time and effort into making something great. The backyard is a perfect example of this. I have never met anyone with such a good work ethic. He is one of the hardest workers I know. He is such an example to me in so many ways. And has often caused me to want to be a better person.
I am also very thankful for the friendship I have with the whole Rogers family. Just like their son, they have become some of my favorite people. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Ashley Stories

April 5, 2008

Words cannot describe the feelings that I have had every moment since I heard Teece was in the hospital. TC is one of the strongest and most amazing people that I have ever met and I know that if anyone can get through something like this, he is our man.
I have tons (it feels like millions) of stories and memories that I could share about TC, so I will try to keep it to a minimum and tell some of the really good ones.
I will never forget meeting TC. We had seen each other at a few high school parties and he would ask me to dance with him, but I never would because he was way too good at dancing and I didn’t want to feel like a huge nerd not knowing how to dance to his favorite R&B music. (Sidenote: He loved the song Peaches and Cream and sometimes we would laugh and sing “Cookies and Cream” instead.) Anyways, one night we were at a party and his friend came up to me and asked me if I thought that kid over there (pointing to TC) was cute, and all I could say back was “Oh the one who looks like a Backstreet Boy?? … yeah he’s cute!” You have to understand that back in high school his hair was very highlighted, he was always wearing a big POLO t-shirt, and his ears were pierced… hence the Backstreet Boy comment… which just for the record was a compliment since they rocked at the time!! He was such a sweetheart from the time that I met him and continued to be a huge example to me over the years. I think anyone that ever meets TC quickly falls for his wit and charm right away. He would say, “I guess I just have that effect on people.” And it is true… he does.
An example to me. I remember always thinking how strong TC was for always standing up for his beliefs. People would offer him drinks at parties and he would always refuse. He would always proudly tell people he was Mormon and would take water instead. He would teach me about the gospel in small, simple ways (I think he knew not to push me b/c like him I was also stubborn and he knew that I would figure it out in my own time). It was either at Allan’s homecoming or Lincoln’s farewell (can’t remember which- but the rest of the story I will never forget) we were sitting in the front row at church and as the speaker was speaking the Spirit filled the room and I was overwhelmed by it, tearing up and I got the chills. When I told TC that I had the chills, he said, “That is the Spirit.” It was so sweet. He also helped me understand the sacredness of the temple. He said he would never get married if it wasn’t going to be in the temple and explained why it was so important to him. He told me the hymn Families Can Be Together Forever was one of his favorites and that it would sometimes make him teary-eyed (he would hate me for saying all this!!). He would teach me Primary songs and would sing Jesus wants me for a sun BEAM all the time and was always surprised when we would sing Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree that I knew it. I probably had to tell him ten times that it wasn’t an LDS Primary song originally!! He was also a huge example of service/charity. Sometimes he would call me to say he was running late for something and when I would ask why it was usually because he had stopped on the side of the road or the freeway to help someone change a tire or something like that.  It is ways like this that the he taught me so much about the gospel. He has been a huge influence in my life in so many ways.

Cliff, Becky, Allan, TC, Lincoln and Kelsey… you are in my thoughts and in every prayer.  I love you all like the second family that you have been in my life.  I know that this all seems so crazy, but I am so glad to know that we have a  Heavenly Father who loves us so much and has a plan for all of us and that this is part of His plan for TC.  Thank you for being such a blessing in my life.  You have all been so strong and I know you will all make it through this.  I love you all.

Lyndsay Osburn Story

April 5, 2008
The thing I remember most about TC is his work. In high school, Kels and I would always talk about how successful TC is at work. I am always interested in his latest business pursuit. We would take trips to the Marriott spa to lay out by the pool and use the gym. I remember he would always be so excited to see Kels, even when he was extremely busy with work.
Over this past summer, I was very eager to see the interior design of the red rock spa, and of course, TC was more than willing to give me a guided tour. Also, over this semester I had spa design questions for school that TC was able to help me with because of all of his knowledge.
I was able to hang out and get to know TC more, over summer. Kelsey, Mindy, and I would always go over to his house to utilize his big screen tvs, his hammock… and to hang out with him. TC always has friends over, and always brings great energy to the group.
The Rogers family has always welcomed me in their lives and supported me in mine. I love you all, and pray for you daily.
Lyndsay Osburn

Jill Martin Story

April 5, 2008

My name is Jill Martin.  I worked with TC at the JW Marriott from 2003-2006.  After moving to Vegas and starting my job, I learned that TC was a member of my faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Having beliefs in common, we began a friendship during our long days at the spa.  I always knew that TC could make me laugh when work became to serious. As with all the management staff, we loved his stories and sense of humor.
I moved away to Utah and TC and I kept up sporadically thru email.  I had a new job in Utah as Spa Manager, so TC was a great source of ideas, and advice.  We had lost touch for over a year until about three weeks ago.  I have once again moved and felt the urge to call Red Rock Casino to talk to him.  They told me was now at Green Valley Ranch and I left him a voicemail. He called while I was at work a few days later and it was so good to hear his funny, light hearted, caring voice.  He caught me up on the Vegas gossip I had been in the dark about, and asked about my 1 year old daughter.  He had never meet her, but wanted to know all about her.  He then stated how he just can’t wait to have kids and how lucky I should feel.  His nieces and nephews have an amazing uncle.
Before we hung up TC told me about his church callings and his new ward and stake.  I told him we had been asked to speak in our new ward, and how terrified we where.  My husband and TC had similarities concerning the church, that we had discussed while working together in Vegas.  I told him how it would be the first time my husband ever gave a talk and TC just exclaimed how amazing his Stake conference talk went, and the blessings that would follow.  He asked the subject I was given and when I replied Honesty, he told me it was one of his favorite traits; TC is very honest, and trustworthy.  He left me with this qoute he told me was in his office by Thomas Jefferson, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom”.
I used that quote in my talk and have had it in my planner ever since.
I was so thrilled to have regained contact with TC and this last week have felt the urge to call him again, but have ignored the spirit because I felt too busy.  I am grateful you have a blog so I am able to feel like I know what condition he is in and what I can do.  I am more grateful for TC’s friendship and example both in his work ethic and faith.  I am grateful that I was able to reconnect with my friend a few weeks back and here of his spiritual and career success.  I will keep TC in my prayers and fast’s.  Each night my 1 year old folds her arms for prayer and tonight we prayed for TC and his family.  I know he would love to know of the kids who are praying for him.
God Bless you all from Texas,
Jill, Ben and Betty Martin

Pictures from Kristi Prestwich

April 5, 2008

I took these picures the night of Daniel Hayden’s bachelor party.
my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Bernadette Arguello Story

April 5, 2008

I was blessed by TC’s friendship while working at Red Rock.  I had seen him several times walking by but never stopped him to say hello.  He had something special about him that I felt every time I’d see him, I remember asking a few of my friends that were managers about him.  I being in reservations spoke to TC at different times over the phone but never in person.  Finally one day he was walking by and I said “Hey, are you the TC from the spa?”  He quickly turned around with a smile and said “yes I am.”  From that day forward he and I spoke every time we saw each other, almost everyday  and we text when we were not working I instantly made a new friend.  I remember he would be working super late past when he usually said he was leaving.  He is such a hard worker, when he moved over to GVR it made me wonder if we’d keep in touch.  TC never ignored my phone calls or my texts and even when he was busy he would respond with a little text saying “busy” or “at work.”

I usually send him emails or texts to say hello, I know TC is the kind of friend that will last in my heart forever.  A friendship to TC is important and I am grateful that our Lord above blessed me by putting him in my life not only as a fellow team member but as a lifelong friend!  I pray for a speedy recovery.  I miss you TC, email me soon buddy, Love ya!!!

Robyn Christensen Story

April 5, 2008

First of all I just want to say how grateful I am for the Internet and how it allows family and friends from all over the world to communicate as if they were in the same place. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t contribute some memories that come to my mind when I think of TC.

In my early teen years I spent a great amount of time in the Roger’s home. There was never a dull moment with Lincoln, Kelsey, and TC around. I remember one time, Aunt Becky chasing TC around the outside of the house with a broom because he wouldn’t do something she wanted him to. Kelsey and I just sat in the house and laughed watching him and Becky run past the windows. I can’t forget staying up in the basement till the wee hours of the morning playing nintendo, pictionary, or monopoly. It was always fun to be on the “winning team” (TC’s team). When TC first got his license, he would drive us around Saint George and Vegas in the “blue van”. I remember thinking that he was so cool because he could drive before the rest of us. We went to the same high school and he was always super sweet to me. My sophmore year my last class of the day was right next to his last class. Everyday he would greet me with a “hello my beautiful cousin” and a big hug! It seriously made my day. From that point on, everytime I have seen him he always greets me with a hug. My thoughts are prayers are with the TC and the Rogers. I love them so much. I know that the Lord will take care of TC!

Love Robyn

Natalee Jennings Story

April 4, 2008

This was taken at our bishop’s house just about a month ago.

Speaking of photos and the bishops:
I had taken on the task of being birthday photographer for Morgan Leany’s surprise 16th birthday party. I was doing just fine, having fun playing with Shelly’s cool Canon SLR when something wasn’t working right. So TC says, “here, give it to me, I can fix it.” I was hesitant, but didn’t want him to think he was incapable so I slowly handed it over. Claiming to have “fixed” it he handed it over and shortly after, as I was trying to show Shelly the pictures I had taken, we soon realized that they had been erased. After a few confusing minutes of wondering what I had done and feeling horrible I figured it out. “TC, did you possibly tell it to FORMAT the disk?” Yeah, thats what I did. Unfortunately he didn’t know that meant ERASE. Ehh, who needs to remember their 16th surprise party anyways? We know that if we want something fixed, TC is usually your man, but in this case, if its electronic, you better call his brother Allan.




Linsey Laidlaw Story

April 4, 2008

i have always just adored tc.  among the pack of wild boy cousins, tc was always the one who would still take time for a girl cousin.  i loved playing he-man & she-ra with our coordinating castles, or when he’d let me pet the lizard they just caught (before tying rocks to its tail and dropping it in a bucket of water to see if it would fall off or drown) or when he helped me give larson his mud bath, assuring both of us it would get him “extra-clean for church tomorrow”.  tc took me for rides on the golf cart through the desert and even let me sit shotgun.

i too, remember playing monopoly with tc, but i was wise enough to make myself an ally rather than steal his park place, thus escaping chase and dead arms.  which reminds me, tc was the one who taught me the words “thus” and “hence” in addition to some other words he taught me…

a few years later, i remember the amazing night of the eight layer cake, we stayed up till the early morning baking and frosting and ultimately sticking some kind of pole through our creation.  it was supposed to be ten layers, but i think a good movie came on tv and we decided 8 was good enough.

as we have grown up i am more impressed with tc each time i see him.  his tenacity, charm, and kindness are just a few of the qualities that draw people to him, and i am so proud to have such an amazing cousin.  i can’t wait to hang out with you again soon tc, maybe we should give larson another mud bath next time?  i love you!

Clare Laidlaw Story

April 4, 2008

Many thoughts come to mind when one thinks of TC Rogers; some from when he was a small boy and playing at our house with my children. I often found myself feeling sorry for Becky that she had three boys so close in age that rampaged through the house seemingly on a search and destroy mission. Then there was the time I just about strangled both him and Linsey when I found that they had completely flooded the sand box and covered Larson and themselves in mud; some story about it being good for their skin and being extra clean for church. When I looked at their pleased faces and what they had accomplished, I had to chuckle and instead of punishing them, I posed them and took their pictures. It still brings a smile to my face whenever I think about that day.

I also remember the time when Grandma Laidlaw made darling little sweatsuits for Allan, TC, Matt, and Linsey. Becky and I took the kids to Sears to get their picture taken in their fancy sweats and TC refused to cooperate. We tried everything to coerce him to sit and smile. We were not above bribery and Becky finally had to go buy a box of popcorn. That was too much for him. He gave in and sat for the picture, but still stubbornly refused to smile.


Although some of these experiences might have been construed as
frustating for the adults, they were the bonding and forging of life
long friendships and memories. I find that TC has used these life
experiences and others, to become the creative, hard working,
fasinating young man he is today. I admire his desire to make good
choices and to brighten the lives of others. His positive attitude
and his ability to do anything is a credit to himself and his family.
He always has the time to give a hug and chat for a bit. He is a
bright spot in my life and I am grateful to have the blessing of being
his aunt. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Aunt Clare

Noel Cusimano Story

April 4, 2008

First of all I have to tell you what an amazing person your brother, TC, is. As I was looking through photos to send to you from my laptop I couldn’t help smiling everytime I stumbled across a photo of him. That’s the amazing thing about him. He lights up rooms and even as we grew up and away from high school TC would still attend bbq’s, birthdays and friend gatherings and it was always a special treat.
TC and I have always shared a lot of similiar qualities and I think that’s why I’ve always had such strong feelings of intense loyalty and friendship for him. We both enjoy the challenge of business and also work very hard but play harder. There were multiple times in college we went to business seminars together and would meet to think of a business we could start together that would ensure that if we worked really, really hard right now we would be able to retire and ultimately be able to share our wealth with our friends and family.
In high school for fun one night we started asking everyone the same 5 or so questions like – if you had to marry one of the “girls” (we were a group of about 15 boys and girls that were extremely close) who would it be? Someone asked me, “If you were stranded on an island which one of the boys would you pick to be stranded with you?” I picked TC – “[TC] would be most likely to think of a way to get us off the island and back home, and if he couldn’t he’d be the most entertaining to hang out with.” I still feel the same way.

To the stories….


First Time I Met TC
He was like a firecracker. The kid never stopped moving. I’d seen him around the halls at school as a freshmen and everyone seemed to know him but me. He had a big smile and was shorter than me. One day my best friend at the time, Vicki Chambers, mentioned they shared the same birthday. Well that was it. I had an “in” to meet this kid. I asked her if next time we saw him she could introduce me and she did. TC was personable and full of energy and we began helping the guys volleyball team at practice. I soon learned how diciplined TC was to take care of himself for the ladies. He was not only a charmer, but went tanning regularily!! And the best part of all was he would apply one of those tanning booth stickers on this hip – so you could see how tan he really was. I’m pretty sure it was Playboy bunny sticker – ha!
Well a guy has to look good in his suspenders, you know!


The Infamous Truck + Fish Story
Our high school might as well have been a school for the performing arts. Everything was over the top and every single one of our friends participated in everything they could, were smart as heck and performed in at least one assembly (if not more). Everyday there was something going on – so you can imagine how crazy it got when it was time to start asking people to dances. Wouldn’t it be easy to say, “Hey, TC! What are you doing next week? Want to head to the dance?” But oh no, not at our school.
TC was a hot commodity when it came to dance time. Out of all the dances I attended in high school (ok, there wasn’t really thaaaat many…) TC was the most fun date I’d ever had. So my best friend, Tarin Haymore, decided that he would be the perfect date for one of the dances.
As soon as she decided she wanted to ask TC we had to move fast. There were a lot of underclassman and classmates that we knew would ask him first if we didn’t do it that night!
So Tarin had always thought the goldfish in a bowl with a note that read, “Out of all the fish in the sea I want to go to the dance with you…” was cute.
Cute. Blah. We don’t do cute. We do dramatic. Big. HUGE! Larger than life things. We had to do something so over the top that TC would be shocked and impressed!
I honestly can’t remember which one of us had the genius idea – “Forget a fishbowl. He parks Old Blue in front of this house everynight – and the back of that truck can hold WAAAAAAY more water than a crummy fishbowl.”
Minutes later we were at Walmart buying a huge plastic liner and hundreds (yes, really) goldfish from Walmart. Notice: do not do this at home kids, or to anyone you actually like, respect or still want to have a friendship with.
So we change into our signature “up to no good” all black outfits, wait till it’s past the Rogers’ household’s bedtime and drive over in Tarin’s jeep.
We get there and realize we didn’t consider on major obstacle. How do we fill it with water? So very stealth like, we sneak around back, grab the hose, pull it around front and start filling up. I remember being scared out of my mind. I’d met TC’s dad before and yes, he’s the nicest dad you’ll ever meet but he looks intimidating! And I could imagine turning the corner at night and finding him looking at me in a disaproving parent-look. Wow, I was really putting my neck out there for Tarin.
Do you know how long it takes to fill up the back of an old Nissan truck? Waaaaay longer than either of us thought. We were there for a good half hour just filling it up.
When it was “full enough” we unloaded the fish and left the “cute note” with a stuffed fish on his front window.
The next day at school we were beside ourselves with excitement. TC was going to be sooo excited about it and everyone would tell us how creative and crazy we were.
Well half way through the morning we start to realize we haven’t seen TC. In fact at lunch we look for Old Blue and it’s not there. That’s odd.
Finally when school is done we see TC in the parking lot – still no Old Blue. TC doesn’t look so excited, nor happy as we walk over to him.
“That water broke the shocks in my truck. Now I can’t drive it until I get it fixed. Thanks a lot.”
Yep. Water is heavy.
But all ended up well – Old Blue got fixed and TC drove it around another few years and TC said yes to Tarin – although he was kind enough not to fill up her jeep with water.


Pictures from Mindy

April 4, 2008

picture-016.jpg picture-022.jpg picture-030.jpg
picture-059.jpgdsc01293.jpg dsc01111.jpg

Cortney Bingham Story

April 3, 2008

A few weeks ago T.C. and a few other friends from the singles ward came over to play rock band on a sunday night. After a while we all sat around taking and got on the subject of when we all had first met each other. TC said the first time he remembered meeting me was when I showed up at his house for a game night a few years back. I had showed up with some other friends and right away he made me feel so welcome. He later told me he had no idea who I was when I showed up but he thought well she came with some cool people so she must be a cool girl. At that time I was new in the ward and didn’t know many people. So to this day I am very thankful for his friendship that he so freely offered to me right away.

This past summer T.C. and Kelsey came with my family and I to Lake Powell. I remember when I first invited T.C. he was so excited and giddy the few weeks before the trip. He said it had been a really long time since he had taken a vacation so it was something he was looking forward too. We had the best trip ever! I couldn’t have taken two better friends to share the time with my family and I. During that week one of my most vivd memories that we still often laugh about his T.C. on the seadoo. One afternoon we had gone on a ride and were on our way back to the houseboat. Well at Lake Powell they have the massive tour boats that create a huge wake. T.C. didn’t know just how big of a wake they created and as soon as he saw the boat he just took of to go trailing across the wake. The next thing I remember is looking over and seeing T.C. on the seadoo vertical in the air and the highest I have ever seen a seadoo jump in my life. RIght away by the look on his face you could tell he was not expecting to catch that much air. Amazingly he landed just fine and when he looked over at us I knew he had even scared himself. But after a few minutes he was bragging about this huge wave he had jumped.We laughed so hard and to this day I still chuckle when I picture him on that seadoo. – Cortney Bingham


Nitosha Hall

April 3, 2008

T.C. and his RED TIGHTS

So last year T.C. was asked to be a lobster in our Ward Roadshow. So T.C. asked around for a pair of red pants. Well I came through with something better!!! Red Leggings more like spandex or tights. He pranced around on stage like it was no big deal. T.C. has such a light about him that is hard not to see. I love you T.C. I know you will pull through this as you are such a fighter.
Buying a Car with T.C.

Recently I had to purchase a new car as my current one had broke down. I had been getting rides for about a month and then found out I need to purchase a new car. My roommate Mindy had the BRIGHT idea to send T.C. with me… I was like ok. So we went to the car dealer and drove the car that I liked. Then when we got out of the car T.C. pulled me aside and said I might have to be a little mean to get my point across as we know your budget. So I told him “don’t be mad if I have to walk away for a moment because you might embarrass me.” Well we left the dealership 30 minutes later with NO car. I cried all the way home. T.C. kept telling me we will find you something better. Then the phone rang and I was so upset I could barley talk it was the DEALERSHIP!!! Telling me they decided to except my offer. T.C. kept telling me “Talk them Down Talk them Down.” Leave it up to T.C. So now every time I get in my car I think of him and how much I want him to get better so I can tell him how much he means to me.

If you know me at all you should know I love to give hugs and Sunday I didn’t give him a hug so DARN IT he needs to get better so I can hug him again. He has strengthened my Testimony in more ways than one and I want to be able to tell him that.

Rogers Family I LOVE YOU! And you are in my every thought and prayer.


Heather Bell Story

April 3, 2008

What I remember most is when we were all younger and we would hang out while our dad’s built the houses.  Playing BMX racing on Nintendo, playing in the desert and getting all dirty.  That old golf cart you guys had.  Shooting things in the desert . Going to your house every Christmas to see what you guys got. One of my most vivid memories is going to the mountains and holding on to the back of the bronco and being pulled down the road.  FUN STUFF!  I heard him speak at the last stake conferrence and I was so  amazed by how much he had grown since I kind of missed his growing up while I was in college.  Anyway, thats what I have for now.   Praying for all of you!


Michael Christensen Stories

April 3, 2008

TC is spiritual

On the last night of normalcy, TC and I went out on several home-teaching visits.  We got 100% for the first time in our companionship, and vowed to get “100%, 100% of the time” from then on.

He is preparing to go through the temple.  I know he was disappointed that he was unable to attend Lincoln and Cecilia’s sealing, but had faith that he would eventually be able to go and receive those ordinances himself.  He knows and values the gospel and Christ’s role as our Savior, giving a wonderful talk in Stake Conference after Thanksgiving 2007.

TC is fun

Early in my time living in his house, we went on a couple of fun outings.  One night he borrowed a little rifle and a group of us went out shooting at varmint rabbits in the rural areas of northwestern Las Vegas.  We only made one confirmed kill but had lots of fun.

Around the same time, we did a hike at night up the back (east) side of one of the western mountains to overlook our great city with all its lights.

TC is loved by all

After the accident, people by the dozens and hundreds immediately felt a hole open up in their lives, and started praying that he would be OK.  At this writing, his YSA ward, and countless others, have just completed a fast on his behalf, and his name has been added to the prayer rolls of several temples.

He has done much good for many people, and in turn is loved by family, and friends, and family of friends, and friends of family.  We all pray that he will be preserved and healed and blessed to know of our love.

Now I’m starting to get emotional so I’ll stop.


Tara Maxfield Story

April 3, 2008

My little sister Cortney introduced our family to TC and Kelsey last year and they were able to join us for a week at Lake Powell. I have never met two more helpful, grateful and fun loving people in my entire life. It was such a pleasure having them with us and they quickly became part of our family.

Whether it was cooking dinner, doing dishes, cleaning up or whatever work needed to be done they both pitched in without being asked and they did everything with a smile. TC even woke up earlier than the rest of us one morning to get the boat/seadoos filled with gas for the day. On TC’s last day at the lake with us we had to move our houseboat to another location. He spent hours with my husband in the hot sun searching for the perfect location, one they knew my mother would be happy with, and he never complained the entire time. I am sure he would have loved to be spending his last few hours at the lake wake boarding or just relaxing, but he was working to make the remainder of vacation for the rest of us better.
I have a three year old son who is quite active and TC was so incredibly patient and fun with him. He was comfortable with the kids and he treated my son as if he was his own nephew. He was easy to be around, thoughtful, considerate and someone I was impressed with after my first night of meeting him. It was obvious to me that he was raised by good parents who taught him well.

My experiences with TC have been few and far between, but he truly is one of those people that are unforgettable. He touched our family in more ways than one and we will always love him.

Andrew Norris Story

April 3, 2008

I know that your brother amazes me. All your family amazes me, with their undying confidence, but your brother was the exception. I remember playing counter strike with him back in the Precision Rentals days. No matter how much I would beat the tar out of him, he would play longer, and try to get better as fast as possible. I remember him saying he was playing any chance he had, for as long as he could, just to come to game nights, and beat me, and two more of us working there at the time. When you got married, I remember talking to TC about marriage, and about you and your wife. The conversation with TC is always interesting, no matter what the subject. He has always been polite to my wife, and I will always grateful to him for  that. I also remember talking to him after he started getting more active in the church, and how much resolve he seemed to have. I like the fact that when I talk to him, almost no matter what it is about, he really seems to be focused on what we are talking about. He is a great guy, and I like to think of him as one of my friends, and I will be praying for him, and your family earnestly.


Picture from Nitosha Hall

April 3, 2008

Stephanie Cope Story

April 3, 2008

I have a few funny stories that involve TC but I’ll just share my favorite. One night Lincoln, Jaron, and I were hanging out and ended up at TC’s house. It was pretty late and we assumed TC was still out with friends. We were being obnoxiously loud and laughing hard. Suddenly, TC came stomping out of his room yelling and swearing because we woke him up. He was wearing ONLY HIS BOXERS. I don’t know who was more surprised us or TC! As soon as he realized I was sitting there and not just Lincoln and Jaron, his eyes got big and he turned red. He was instantly quiet and just continued walking to the kitchen pretending to get a drink and then silently returned to his room.

I love you TC! Even though we haven’t been able to hang out much in the last year and a half, I still remember all the fun times we have had. You and I have always had this unspoken admiration and connection with each other and it is very special to me. Thank you for being such a great friend to me even when we go months without seeing or talking.


Stephanie Cope


Jamie (Stucki) Smith Story

April 3, 2008

One of my first memories of TC was how he would always make fun of my little brother, Kyle, and how he was Kelsey’s “first kiss”. Kyle was so scared of him at first, but eventually they became good buds! I think TC was just trying to protect his little sister. 🙂

Also, when Kelsey and I were in high school together, we went to see TC at the Marriott Spa. He walked us around the entire place and gave us the grand tour even though we were “not allowed” because we weren’t 18. I thought it was so nice of him to take the time to show his little sister and me how neat everything was. I could tell he liked what he did and that he was good at it.

But what I know most of TC is not him personally, but the love and respect that Kelsey shows when she talks about her older brother. It is obvious that they are not only siblings, but best friends as well. Kelsey would always say how much she loved him, how proud of him she was, and that they would always have so much fun together. Coming from a little sister, I think that means a lot.

He is in our prayers!

Jamie (Stucki) Smith


Larson Laidlaw’s Stories

April 2, 2008

have a lot of memories with TC, from the time he and Linsey gave me a mud bath when I was like 3 years old, to the numerous times Lincoln and I would run for our lives after beating him in video games or Monopoly.


One of my favorite memories of TC came after a surgery my senior year of high school. I was home with Jeff one night playing video games, and was hooked up to some IV medicine poll and so getting out of the house wasn’t an option. I remember the doorbell rang, and I was extremely surprised to see TC at the door. He had driven all the way out to my house and brought gift with him, the DVD Rush Hour 2. He came in and visited with us, and proceeded to help us beat whatever video game we were playing. I’m not sure he’s ever realized how much that meant to me.

I fully plan on returning the favor in a couple of months. This time, I’m fairly certain I can beat him at whatever video game I want and I can sit perfectly still and not worry about him beating the crap out of me. Not because he won’t be able to, because I’m sure he’ll be back to full strength in no time, but just because TC hasn’t given me a deadarm me since I was like 10.

I wish I was in Vegas to lend more support, but I really appreciate you keeping the blog and Facebook account updated so I can stay up to date with whats going on. Know that my thoughts and prayers have been with TC and your family since I heard about the accident Monday night.

I know that with faith, miracles can happen. I know that if its the Lord’s will, through the faith of all TC’s family and friends, and through his faith and resilience, he’ll make it back to full strength in no time. Like he always has, TC is making a positive, profound impact on everyone’s lives. Whether he continues that here or in the next life, TC is a leader, and I’m proud to be related to him.


Lauren Holly’s Story

April 2, 2008

my favorite memory of TC is being chased by him around your house with a knife. he was yelling at kelsey to make him a sandwich but she wouldnt do it so then i was targeted next. he loves mayonnaise and apparently i didnt put enough on so he chased me around the house demanding for more mayonnaise on his sandwich. i think its safe to say thats where our friendship really solidified. i was terrified of the kid until i really got to know him. then i realized how wonderful he is. he has literally been a big brother to me just like all of the rogers boys. i love you guys and am praying earnestly for each of you.

Lauren Holly

Welcome to TC Stories

April 2, 2008

I didn’t want TC’s stories to overwhelm his status updates, so I created this separate blog to share the stories people email to me.  Please continue to email pictures and stories to 2008-04-02_223248.jpg.   I don’t publish them here without permission.